Tara - medium / she is a fraud

United States

Tara... Well I found one of her ads. Wonderd if she was real. Sent in for a free reading just to see. I saw red flags all over it!! Repeating dates over again, finding doom (rolling eyes), only she has the answers that comes with a price, she wants to send magic things to me, She is my devoted friend that doesnt know me, Please, what ever... Some things she had written were like me but it didnt get to close, and besides, Im married, what am I going to do with 2 men should I find another, one kills me enouph LOL, it could have been anyone. Even if she could see some stuff about me, that doesnt mean she isnt going to mix it in with lies to get me to send money. How is it EVERYONE is winning the lottery this month? So I sent her a msg. I got an email back that I wasnt a client, she skimmed over my email, dadadada... Then she sends me another not understanding why I havnt read the msg she sent. I had read it about 12 times over to pick things out of it! So I sent her yet another msg saying that I did read it and responded to her. I got the same email from her. I sent her another with 2 words in it, got the same email from her. I sent her another free request from my husband. He gets about the same email I got. Most of it word for word.. Ya a scam, you better believe it!! I have asked her to take me off her mailing list. But never the less, she keeps sending me things. Some medium, she cant tell when she isnt wanted...
Word of warning, when you want what someone says to be true, its human nature to say that any little thing that happens is caused by that person or what they said. Be realistic when reading these things. Allways try to prove them wrong, because if its real, you wont be able to...


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