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South Dudley, Australia Review updated:

I have emailed your reward help support about a Road To Survival offer for the "Get a FREE $5 gift card when you earn 500 SB!" I have completed everything the offer asked me to do, I obtained 500sb in the allotted time and with a new account. Waited three days for it to process when you say it takes up to two days. I can provide proof of my completion of the offer if needed.

May 14, 2017
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  • Ro
      15th of May, 2017

    I have had a big problem with the $5 gift card offers. If you do them in the future, they eventually ask for two pieces of "proof" (even after you send a receipt for your purchase). They ask for a welcome email from the company, but usually these companies fail to send that, as, at least in three attempts in my experience, the companies seem only interested in collecting their affiliate payment and not giving the award. The second piece of proof they ask for is a screenshot of your purchase (not the receipt, but a screenshot in the very moment when you make the purchase, on the "silver offers" webpage. This is really unfair to ask of us gamers because it is not our responsibility to track offers. TapJoy and their affiliates should be able to track and verify offers. But whatever I am posting this here in case anyone in the future sees it and it can help them (although I doubt it, because by the time they think to look here they are probably screwed out of their game currency, and probably not for the first time). How this company continues to get and maintain business partners is beyond me.

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