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I do surveysvon tapjoy it said that I had over 400 coins on my 8 ball pool. So I went logged on to 8 ball pool, and I only had 73 coins in my 8 ball pool bank. What's up yo? Why is tapjoy so far off? Now tapjoy is telling me that my complaint is not long enough!!?? What the heck people!!? Now in order to have a legitamant complaint it's got to be long. So I see you know people who are sending out a complaint probably aren't the happiest at the given moment! You think it's going to make me happy to make this longer? I'll tell you what, this how it's gonna be! If you all over there at tapjoy can't fix this problem, then i'll have to say goodbye to 8 ball pool, delete it completely out of my phone, and send out bad reviews everywhere. That would suck! For me it would suck bad because i'd have to type out a lot more complaints or the reasons behind the original complaint.. It would suck for you at 8 ball pool because see i'm a disabled man on social security disability I get social security disability pay on the 1st every month so on the 1st or 2nd of every month I spend money with 8 ball pool, so if you can't figure this little problematic ordeal out bye bye🖐 figure it out or heck maybe put what tapjoy says is in my account?

Dec 16, 2018
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      Jan 04, 2019

    I'm banned for fraudulent proof and I'm very sorry for that
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