Tank Motorcycles / Extremely poor quality

1 United States

Back in October 05 we found a website called Brandshut and talked to "the salesperson" (I think he is the only salesperson besides the owner). The information on the website and from the salespersons mouth was that the bikes went 85+ and came with a windshield. Now the website states the bikes go 65+ and no windshields which is good for them because the bikes BARELY push 70 and constantly are making noise. I still (after being promised numerous times) have never recieved any windshields. The wesite also stated that the trail bikes have a kickstart...not so. We have been so inundated with problems with the three trail bikes we bought that we have NEVER (except for the first time we rode them) been able to ride togeather because one or two are ALWAYS broken. We purchased 5 bikes back in October 05 and we did not recieve the Titles until late December and one of the Titles is for a different bike and we have yet to have that resolved. Please becareful if purchasing from this company, I have been lied to from the very start and the products are EXTREMELY poor quality.


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