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Tamarkin / employer

1 columbus, United States Review updated:

treatment of employees. Giant Eagle a company that is as bad as wall mart to work for. they treat there employees like crap I worked for them as a chef became Physically and mentally ill made one mistake on a cooking log and was fired. I became a problem for them to get rid of because I had back problems and a mental melt down that put me in the hospital.they say they are there for employees that is crap they were not wen I needed them the most. no compassion. or understanding or ethical treatment that they preach David Sephira the C.O.E of Giant Eagle has a son that is openly Gay a father and son preach ethics on work place diversity. treatment fairness and understanding of people sex race religion or disability or gender choice. HA. that is crap maybe they should. take a better look . you can get fired for anything that they see fit. it is not so much that they terminated me. is that it hurt me because I put my heart and soul into my work. wen I needed a break or pardon. for violating a rule no mercy was of my work . find Jeremy Sephira on friend jogging in a gay pride parade. hum you be the judge I urge you to send what ever comments or support you have to for ex employees to Giant eagle .com


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  • So
      31st of Mar, 2009
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    I rather enjoy this joke it is funny. I did not post this and have asked for it to be removed. Nice little story but it has nothing to do with me.

  • So
      28th of Apr, 2009
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    The title page is Tamarkin Complaints, and this was a complaint against giant eagle and sounds like it came from someone that worked inside a giant eagle store. Tamarkin is a subsidiary of Giant Eagle... anyway. I work for the Tamarkin company, and I recently had a medical condition that took 3 months for them to figure out what the problem was. I was with the Tamarkin company for less than 1 year, and was not in their union and had no job security. I was upfront with the company about my condition, and over the 3 months I was off, I recieved many phone calls from the company wishing me well and seeing how my progress was going. I never recieved any pressure to return to work, but they kept my insurance going, and helped me through the paperwork to get on the financial aid that they provided. When it was time for me to return to work, they set up everything I needed and even found a way to help me get even more money out of the program that my union offered. The Tamarkin company is a fantastic company to work for and they take their lead right from Giant Eagle.

  • Lo
      27th of Sep, 2010
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    Giant Eagle has masked their little dirty secrets under the rug to long. Most Men in positions high up, like Mike Maraldo. Who sleep with a HR director and get a slap on the wrist. Then gets the New Market District. Dennis Gather trying to sleep with everyone whom will give him the time of day. Melissa Smith cheating and lying her way to the top. Selling out of date food. Extending the shelf life on everything she can get her fat fingers on. Firing people at will. Then you have Team Members acting as HR director. Messing up Team Members pay for weeks and not paying them vacation. Their are good people who try to make a honest living here, but its hard when you are lied to and used.
    Giant Eagle treat their employees Great if they are in the"Good ol Boy Big Bear Crowd". But its sad so many managers go without equipment, Team Members or supplies for weeks. They over work most with little or no money what so ever. Giant Eagle one day you will live the life of the old Big Bear. But hopefully, the Columbus market won't be so kind to YOU!! That you will get the deserving treatment of the Wal-Mart and other Slave Labors...

  • Sp
      3rd of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    LMFAO!!! seriously, this is soooo ridiculous! giant eagle employee's are backed up by the UFCW. claiming that you can be fired for no reason is just a complete load of crap! in fact that's one of the things i love about my job is the union. i was fired from a job after 16 years because i had a close friendship with the owner's daughter outside of work that went south. i love that giant eagle can't fire me for something stupid, petty, or personal. As for "lost in isle19": i think this forum is the wrong venue for you. I think you should consider seeking professional therapy. airing other's personal/sex lives here is disgusting and in poor taste. i hope those people take legal action against you.

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