Tall Trees Hotel / No room service

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I stayed in this hotel for a girl i day and evening, in the evening I ordered drinks from the bar and was refused service as the bar closed at 2am this was at 1.50 however the excuse was "im cashing up" I complained. I was told to "go away" so we went to our rooms were we ordered 24hour room service again we were told theirs no staff on and he was busy. so I took the welcome pack down to reception to show clearly that we should have room service he got very cross with me and called security. I did raise my voice but never swore only pointed out the facts. In the morning being advised from the reception I wrote a letter of complaint to the manager, I have just got a phone call from the man in question who simple phoned to abuse me yet again. I am a nurse and my friend is a accountant we do not cause trouble. all i want is an apology from him however this does not look like its going to happen.


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