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I went to rally hamburgers on Erie highway about 11:00 o'clock on 2/2/2015 an ordered a medium size fish sandwich meal, a large double rally burger meal, 2 rally burgers 1 large frie a water and 2 buffalo redhot sauces I paid few cents short of 20.00 dollars for the order when I got home me and my wife and brother went to eat the food and the hamburgers were cold and there was grease dried on the burgers as if they had been sitting there all night and they were absolutely disgusting. My wife went to take a bite of her fish sandwiche and the fish was hard around the edges and it was very dry. I called them several times before they answered the phone I spoke to the manager she told me to come down the next day and tell them she put me in the book to have my food replaced. I called the next day and spoke with Vicki which was the manager I spoke to and she told me that I could not come and get the credit that I was told I would receive. And she was very rude to me as well .I go to rallys slot to purchase fast food because I like the menu items that is offered there. I have never had a problem there at all. All I no is one thing for sure money doesn't grow on trees and I work hard for my money and all I want is Wat I ordered and I expect it to be fresh not old I could get what they served me last night out of there dumpster it was horrible. I ask for a phone number to contact the main office and this is where I ended up. So can someone contact me please so we can get this resolved Ron ponder [protected] thank you.

Feb 03, 2015

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