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I received a couple of messages from talent hunter that a casting director wanted me to audition. However, when I tried to respond to the message, talenthunter said I had to be a gold member. Well in order to become a gold member you have to pay. So I signed up for the three day trial membership. After an hour of looking through a poor structured website, I decided to cancel my membership.

I emailed and did not receive an email back to show that my account was canceled. So I emailed and told them if they take money out of my account after three days that i would report them as fraud and have my friend in the government track their site. Nevertheless, I canceled my card to keep them from taking additional money out of my account and i advise people not to sign up!!!

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  • Cl
      29th of Jul, 2008
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    I have been ripped off before by like companies such as ExploreTalent which is why I haven't upgraded at Talent Hunter.
    I would suggest to anyone seeking to learn about the reputation of a company that they put their name in the google search machine and see what comes up. That is how I found this page and was able to make a comment so that the person in the above comment does not stand alone. Also it would be wise to google search the address if they even post one. Be cautious as to companies that you cannot reply to in an email and/or especially do not have a telephone contact number. It is Best to get a name, address, and contact person before making the transaction. Even with that information remain cautious!!!

  • Ha
      31st of Jul, 2008
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    I too signed up with them but I did not have trouble with cancellation, they actually got back to me right away. The only problem was they did not have many prospects where I live other than that I actually liked it and will probably return when I move to a bigger city.

  • Dj
      13th of Aug, 2008
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    I could not get through to cancel with Talenthunter either. Their site is very frustrating, also.

  • Ky
      15th of Oct, 2008
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    I have also been receiving messages from casting directors at I have received a message from Tyler Perry's house of pain, Hannah Montanna, and High School Musical 4 (which is really in production if you check imdb). I just feel sceptical about the fact that if you sign as a memeber, you are held to your contract for 3 years. The messages that I am receiving are very direct and legit though. Anyone here who was actually a memeber for more than a three day trial member?

  • Mi
      29th of Oct, 2008
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    This site is a COMPLETE SCAM. THey make money off Wanabe's!!!
    You CANNOT GET A REAL JOB this way!!! This is not how the industry works!!!
    People are so niave!

    First you have to get and agent, How do you get an agent?? Fist you need training, they you need to do LOT of stuff you WONT get paid for, just to get your self on Film, then If you're lucky you might get a paid job, or a student film, or something, thats a little more professional, then continue with your training, while you submit to to agents, and most of them will turn you down.
    ALSO You can only get LOCAL jobs, uless you poop gold nuggets No one from LA is going to hire someone they never heard of from Nowheresville USA!!

  • Sa
      17th of Nov, 2008
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    Talent Hunter is a BIG scam even so more then Explore talent... I joined a month ago and paid $99 for a 6 month memebership..didnt loggin for about a week and have been trying to loggin today and it keeps telling me that User name and password dont exist so thinking I probably changed my loggin info I so go and try to retreive my loggin info and it said that the email address I provided does not exist also I tryed to go to there website for like the past 2 days and explorer would not display page that tells you What? SCAM!!! the other commenters are true, an agent is the way to go..Good Luck everyone!

  • Da
      9th of Dec, 2008
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    Just wanted to pop in and let people know that Explore Talent is a great company with over 2 million members. Explore Talent not only has more audition listings than any other site, but it offers other tools to help actors and other performers get work. They recently hosted a celebrity party in Hollywood, California and they are doing more and more to help talents get work.

    Anyone can sign up for a free account which costs nothing. Being a free member, you get a really nice personal profile page with free hosting. You can upload unlimited photos and videos at no charge. You can then network and market your page. Casting directors that search the profiles might be looking for someone like you.

    I agree with what the person said about getting an agent, but there is nothing wrong with taking small paying jobs while building a resume and experience.

    If you are looking for auditions, work and pay, you should definitely consider Explore Talent.

  • Me
      29th of Jan, 2009
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    I signed up at TalentHunter and someone wrote to me saying I was a match for Hannah Montana. I was thrilled but I couldn't even write back because I had to pay to be a gold member. I didn't want to pay if I didn't know this would be worth it.

  • Li
      4th of Feb, 2009
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    Has anyone ever thought to check out Very informative and useful tool looking into businesses, even online ones.

  • Jd
      6th of Feb, 2009
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    Ive been a model/actor for about 6 years now and I have alot of friends who run casting houses and who are agents in LA. First off you do not need to start taking acting classes to get work. Anyone can apply to a "extras" casting house. They all ask for a small set up fee that goes to their website for setting up a page for you with your pictures and info. You dont need professional pics for this either. ANYONE CAN BE AN EXTRA!!!
    To get into a sag agency you will need to have some kind of portfolio to show and if they are interested you will go through a series of inhouse auditions..probably for both the commercial and theatrical agent in each department. Now if they accept you...U will need to get new pictures done the way they want, to represent them and you in the way they are accustomed too. They would also like it if you get into acting classes but not manditory. Now as for Talenthunter Im on the fence because If they are displaying talent then they should be recieving a cut or a fee from booking such talent...then to ask the talent to pay a membership fee ontop of that is greedy in my book. But If its purely everyone paying a membership fee to do their own thing than thats different.

  • Jd
      6th of Feb, 2009
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    Oh and dont use websites that are slow and hard to use..Good sign that its not a very professional site.

  • Du
      7th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    This has "SCAM" written all over it. Anyone that says it isn't is most likely working for that company or a friend of someone working for that company. Legitimate talent seekers don't make you pay upfront. And the way they try to lure you with lies about "needing someone like you" for a certain job then being unable to respond without paying is one of the oldest scams in the book. I've never sunk a penny into that website. I've even tried several times to get off their list but have not been successful at it yet. Good luck with that. I just called the 800 number listed above and it was an internet mailing order business; nothing to do with Talenthunter. Why am I not surprised?

  • Jd
      13th of Feb, 2009
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    I actually made a profile and havent been able to take it off. I even wrote in my profile my distaste for this site and for noone to contact me because they will get no response from me. Guess what I get responses anyway saying you are perfect for this up and coming spot..I think its a fake automated reply to get people to pay money because if Im so perfect than they should have read all the bad things I wrote about the site in my profile..

  • Ke
      26th of Feb, 2009
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  • Ja
      2nd of Mar, 2009
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    "" IS a fraud. DO NOT give him your credit card #!

    17 associates of mine have signed up with this fraud with deliberately fictitious names and locations which do not exist, and guess what? They ALL are getting emails about "auditions" in places that do not exist. The fake replies are made to look like real places with real people ("Beverly Drive, California", etc.) The phony "happy victims" you see on these blog pages are none other than the one-man crook who runs these pedophile-based scams for the purpose of damage control to the scams' widening reputation as a cleverly disguised rip-offs. This piece of human excrement needs his head plunged into a dirty toilet that won't flush for fleecing young, naive movie-star wannabes. There is no job, no locations, no movies, no TV shows, no contact persons. IF YOU HAVE ANY COMMON SENSE, STAY AWAY FROM THIS CROOK!

  • Ma
      4th of Mar, 2009
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    I got accepted for a role and tried 2 message back
    the casting member but i cant cuz i dint got the gold membership
    so wat do i do (i also cant buy the gold membership because my family isnt
    the richest like others)

  • Ma
      5th of Mar, 2009
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    I signed up with Talent BEFORE I did my research. I paid $149.99 so I could sign my daugther up for 6 months. I thought I was getting a good deal becuase I recieved an email from an "agent" saying that they would be interested in my daughter for a commerical that was being shot in my area (my daughter's pic wasnt even posted at the time, should had be alert number 1). I complained to Paypal and my bank that this company was a fraud.

    Too make a long story short, these people WILL NOT respond to any of your requests about cancellations and refunds because they dont have too! My bank will not dispute Paypal, told me that they were untouchable. I disputed with Paypal and my claim was denied. I complained with the Better Business Buearu, still pending but Im sure that my money is gone.

    People do your research please. I feel so stupid becuase I cant even get my daughters pics to even load up on their website. SO I got screwed with no protection at all! MAN!!!

  • Lu
      6th of Mar, 2009
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    HAHAHA...i guess lot's of people who are seeking for a job would be looking for such an easy job like this.

    Well, here's my story, i was in a Dunkin Donuts w/ my friend yesterday were reading newspapers looking through out all different commercials and classifieds, and i found quite few jobs there. One of them ( i assumed was a scam ) filming/casting etc. and i would ignore it, but my friend said that one of his co-workers played as an movie extras in I AM LEGEND (with WIll SMith), all she had to do is just jump and she got paid around 100$. Well, with no other thought (should have asked him more about it) i called for a job (funny but in the ad # had an extension ). Some guy named Peter picked up a phone and i asked him to transfer my call to that extension, first thing he said "are you calling about the ad?" i said "yes", then he asked me if i'm new, said yes. Anyway, he got my information and ... my debit card # and said that charge from the card will be taken the next day, + producer will contact me the very next day and all jobs will be around the place i live, which is non sense because its a lil unrealistic to shot anything in this area.

    Well, happy minded that i will get a job now and get paid from $100 to $300 i went home, told some of my other friends and tried to Login on the web site he gave me. Guess what, it didn't work (let me try again though) ---- Invalid Signin. Please try again.----- off again, so i called my bank, cancelled my card b4 it was to late, and instead of paying $18 (or maybe even more) to those scamers i rather replace my card for $7.5.

    Then i did a little research on the web and found out that EntertainmentWork is a scam and fraud as well as many other web sites. You maybe know already many web sites such as "making easy money on the web for just few hours a day", so i think its about the same way the do it here.

    So people my ADVISE: go look for real job and before you sign up for any web site with promissing aBIG FUTURE to you, please do the research on the google or yahoo, there're lots of forums and articles written by other users who are been riped off.



    TNX, hope this info was useful!!!

    P.S. i'm gonna ask my friend to find out how that girl got the role in that movie, oh btw here i found another addition to this web site seems like lots of positive replies :D hahaha

  • Lu
      6th of Mar, 2009
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    PEOPLE i realized that there're no positive feedback about TalentHunter

  • Ch
      6th of Apr, 2009
    -1 Votes

    When you first sign up and BEFORE you pay for a membership, all kinds of "companies" write you and say how they think you would be great and you have the look they desire and they will keep writing you over and over again exressing interest. As soon as you do pay for a membership, the responses are nothing more than links to FREE websites that tell you how to attend a "cattle call". This is information that is FREE!!! If these are legitimate companies that really are looking for you, then there would be no need to go to cattle calls. I call 100% B.S. on this company.

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