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Recently I signed my daughter up for I wanted to see what the 'Gold' membership was all about, so I took their 3 day trial offer for $1.99. On the third day I decided it wasn't worth $39.99 a month. I followed their cancellation procedure, and when I went to submit my cancellation form, their 'submit' buttons happened to just not work. So I sent them an email explaining that there was a problem with their link and that I did not want the gold membership. They never responded but of course made sure that they billed my $39.99 the very next morning! When I went to their website to get the phone number to call them, imagine that there wasn't one! I wish I would have thought to check that before hand. I am extremely mad and don't want anyone to have this happen to them!

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  • Va
      11th of Dec, 2008
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    I kept on getting teaser emails from talent saying I was wanted for extra parts and so on and so forth. So I decided I would take a very small risk and invest 1.99 for a week just to see what the service was like. I later did find out that it does say in small print I will be charged 19.99. However, I did not see that and thought I would be given the freedom to cancel. So I was very surprised when I received a 19.99 charge on my credit card. I was very displeased, but I thought by at least having that charge, I would be able to use their services. They said my card was declined, yet they DID charge my card. I emailed them at their support line and then at their cancellation line to which they replied we are sorry to see you go and we want to offer you a six month membership free. they give you a email to email them back for that and that comes back to me. Its non existent so I go back and re-email them and then it asks me to look at their terms of use which say in little black letters that they never issue refunds regardless of situation. SO I am basically screwed out of the money and still am unable to use their service.

  • Ma
      5th of Mar, 2009
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    I signed up with Talent BEFORE I did my research. I paid $149.99 so I could sign my daugther up for 6 months. I thought I was getting a good deal becuase I recieved an email from an "agent" saying that they would be interested in my daughter for a commerical that was being shot in my area (my daughter's pic wasnt even posted at the time, should had be alert number 1). I complained to Paypal and my bank that this company was a fraud.

    Too make a long story short, these people WILL NOT respond to any of your requests about cancellations and refunds because they dont have too! My bank will not dispute Paypal, told me that they were untouchable. I disputed with Paypal and my claim was denied. I complained with the Better Business Buearu, still pending but Im sure that my money is gone.

    People do your research please. I feel so stupid becuase I cant even get my daughters pics to even load up on their website. SO I got screwed with no protection at all! MAN!!!

  • Lu
      6th of Mar, 2009
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    that's cool!!!@ SRY 2 hear that Vanessa,
    here's my story

    HAHAHA...i guess lot's of people who are seeking for a job would be looking for such an easy job like this.

    Well, here's my story, i was in a Dunkin Donuts w/ my friend yesterday were reading newspapers looking through out all different commercials and classifieds, and i found quite few jobs there. One of them ( i assumed was a scam ) filming/casting etc. and i would ignore it, but my friend said that one of his co-workers played as an movie extras in I AM LEGEND (with WIll SMith), all she had to do is just jump and she got paid around 100$. Well, with no other thought (should have asked him more about it) i called for a job (funny but in the ad # had an extension ). Some guy named Peter picked up a phone and i asked him to transfer my call to that extension, first thing he said "are you calling about the ad?" i said "yes", then he asked me if i'm new, said yes. Anyway, he got my information and ... my debit card # and said that charge from the card will be taken the next day, + producer will contact me the very next day and all jobs will be around the place i live, which is non sense because its a lil unrealistic to shot anything in this area.

    Well, happy minded that i will get a job now and get paid from $100 to $300 i went home, told some of my other friends and tried to Login on the web site he gave me. Guess what, it didn't work (let me try again though) ---- Invalid Signin. Please try again.----- off again, so i called my bank, cancelled my card b4 it was to late, and instead of paying $18 (or maybe even more) to those scamers i rather replace my card for $7.5.

    Then i did a little research on the web and found out that EntertainmentWork is a scam and fraud as well as many other web sites. You maybe know already many web sites such as "making easy money on the web for just few hours a day", so i think its about the same way the do it here.

    So people my ADVISE: go look for real job and before you sign up for any web site with promissing aBIG FUTURE to you, please do the research on the google or yahoo, there're lots of forums and articles written by other users who are been riped off.



    TNX, hope this info was useful!!!

    P.S. i'm gonna ask my friend to find out how that girl got the role in that movie, oh btw here i found another addition to this web site seems like lots of positive replies :D hahaha

  • Co
      20th of Nov, 2009
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    Luckily I cancelled the subscription after 4 days, so they only got $39.

    It is absolutely a scam in every way. The auditions and agents are fake, and they leave no contacts for complaints.

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