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I applied for a job at PVUSD. I had applied for years and there has been issues ever since the company used Talented ED as there online recruiting system for teaching jobs. I provided Talented ED proof I completed the screening test for Paradise Valley And Cave Creek Unified school District. They refused to link up the results expecting me to spend hours retaking the same hour prescreening interview test. This test was required prior to an interview the district. And I completed it in 2015 before I attended any of the job school interviews in 2016. They refused to link my tests results to my new job posting applications in 2017 . They refuse to let me speak to a supervisor or fix the tech requests even when I provided them the history of previous school districts and that I completed the tests. I even then retook the test this year the library and provided Paradise Valley School District the information that I completed the test andt hey confirmed they saw it and now they claim they don't have the results again. THe reset link to take the test doesn't work and for Cave creek it says that I the candidate am inactive for jobs. This online company is preventing me from having upated current applications to be considered for employment. I would like this addressed and have sent directly tech repair tickets and contacted HR and the technical issues were not fixed. I have retaken the same screening test for different districts at least ten times. Talented ED uses the same screening test for the other districts and they refused to link up the results of the tests to the current district when they had an issue with losing the information that I completed already with Paradise Valley School District. This company owns Soft Search, Talent ED, and People Admin all of which there has been issues with applying online and all of which they haven't fixed

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Jun 18, 2017

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