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I actually don't have a complaint at all. I think Talent6 is a innovative company. I have been with Talent6 for over a year now and have gotten a lot of work from it. Unlike some i am proactive with the service, submitting to castings call, updating my portfolio, etc. Talent6 is an easy and cost efficient way to earn extra cash and live a dream, being in movies! Talent6 is a more cost efficient way to break into the business because unlike agencies who charge you thousands to find you gigs that they send along with you 10 others who look exactly like you to there calls or driving around from gig to gig dropping off your portfolio, Talent6 gives you a professional online portfolio that you can electronically send to the casting directors/producers. And they also have a guarantee. If you are not contacted within 90 days of your start up they will refund your money and also allow you to have the membership for life! Scams don't give out guarantees. This is a wonderful company and if your dream is to be in the movies they can definitely assist you with that. Try it!

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  • Ha
      Apr 28, 2009

    And how much did they pay you to say this bs? you should never ever have to pay anything upfront to be an extra in a movie!. scam scam scam!

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  •   Apr 29, 2009

    I am sorry that you feel that way. But honestly Talent6 doesn't ask you to pay to be a movie extra. Even on the website itself under every casting call it explains that if a casting director or producer asks you for money don't do it. Your are paying a one time lifetime fee of $45 to have a professional portfolio on their site. So instead of wasting time, gas and money dropping of your portfolio from movie to movie they give you the ease of sending it directly to the casting director electronically. I understand where your coming from. If i went online and seen bad press about a company i would be taken back too, but that also means that i would never shop anywhere, because every company can't make every single person happy. They have been in California for over 5 years now and California wouldn't let a "scam" operate and thrive for that long. Its a great company. If you have any questions or anything feel free to ask me. Have a good week!

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  •   Apr 29, 2009

    And here is some good info on Talent6. Great article.

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  •   Jun 15, 2009

    Another great article about

    Talent6 puts filmmakers in the spotlight as an official sponsor of the united film festivals

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  • Tr
      Sep 11, 2009

    Well, I think if you have talent why pay a company? in today's economic all they want is money. If is true why to pay for a portfolio? I think they should have agency's where you can apply free and if they call you they can get a parentage of what you make. I am a talented person, more than anyone could ever imagine and many people like me is out there . We are smart workers not just a hard worker. I will not allow my self to anyone to take my money just to give a me job. They have to pay me for it. I am worth millions

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  •   Sep 11, 2009

    You pay a company to assist you in getting into the entertainment business. Just like an agent does but much much cheaper. No company gives a service for free, that's why they are called a company. I don't know about that whole million thing but unless you live in LA or your have an "in" into the business then you need someone to help you, like a company who specializes in it, Talent6.
    I would like a lot of things for free too but unfortunately that is not the way America works. And its not like Talent6 is expensive. Talent6 charges $45 for your portfolio an agent costs thousands and they take at least 5% of what you make, Talent6 does not do that. If you have never tried the company I don't understand how you are saying that it doesn't work? It makes no sense. If you have any questions you can ask me because just assuming things doesn't always give you the clear truth. Have a great day

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  • Jo
      Mar 05, 2010

    I would like to report this post. It is purely an advertisement. How do I post a complaint about a particular posting?

    The user, Melodious is more interested in "advertising" Talent6 than even giving valid information.

    Perhaps this posting should remain, as it is further evidence that Talent6 is a scam.

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  •   Mar 05, 2010

    Your post is laughable.

    I am an employee here at Talent6 and have been for over 2 years now. I am not in the marketing/advertising department. I take it upon myself to rebuttal these false complaints. Most of them are from people like yourself who assume things and assume wrong. If you have questions, ask, don't make up your own false answers. Just like yourself, never used to company, your just going off of what others say(and exaggerate at that). How can you say anything about the company when you have never used it? Ha...

    Just an FYI ;)

    Thank you,

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