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Talent6 / fraud and scam

1 5419 Hollywood Blvd. Suite C727Hollywood, CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:

They claim to be real, they claim that there's jobs in your area, and that 'we guarantee that you will be contacted within 90 DAYS. If you are not contacted, we can refund your registrations fee in full.' There's the trick of it, after two months of joining, I received a offer to be on TV for a reality show in New York which was sent out as a mass email to anyone before there 3 months were up. Living in St.Louis, it's a little hard to go, if it really existed.

So if you join and they contact you for a role in a kid film but you must be 8-12 years old, well they have now contacted you and they don't have to refund squat.

According to the website, the nearest opportunity to St. Louis was in Nashville, TN to be in a few non paying jobs. A quick search online and I found 40 opportunities in St. Louis that the site missed and they were all FREE to look at and to contact the person in charge.

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  • Kr
      1st of Jul, 2008
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    We've worked with over a million clients in the last two years and have designed our sales and customer support procedures to accommodate every one of them. however, as with any company, problems and mix-ups do occur, and we do our utmost to solve them and prevent similar issues from happening in the future.

    We are not hiding anything. members of talent6 have the ability to cancel online and send questions through the site directly to customer support. if a client prefers to speak to the customer support department by phone, our toll free phone number is provided during the initial sale and on the website. by calling 1-800-710-4210, you will be directly routed through to a real person who can answer questions, provide refunds and help you with any problems you may have. there are no phone prompts or mazes to go through and wait time typically does not exceed three to five minutes.

    Talent6 is constantly working to improve our customer support department, sales department and our website as a whole. we post thousands of new casting calls every week for people working to break into the entertainment industry. search for talent has also signed up hundreds of casting directors and photographers who contact our members every day with upcoming opportunities. we are consistently growing and expanding, but it's not because we're a scam, it's because search for talent works.

    In addition, while I do take great pride in and the thousands of people who have successfully used our online services.
    Thank you

  • Kr
      1st of Jul, 2008
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    Dear clara,

    Upon reading your concern, I attempted to locate you on our talent6 website, but was unsuccessful. I would like to take the time to offer some proven techniques that have helped many members. I highly recommend you be proactive and submit to as many casting calls as you can. remember to include as much information about yourself as possible. this technique will distinguish you from other talent. utilize the entertainment resource link if you can. this link offers so many tools that will definitely put you ahead of the game. if you have any other concerns, please feel free to contact our support team. we are here to help.


  • Ar
      22nd of Jul, 2008
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    A year ago, I decided to join talent6. after the trial period, I wanted out because I decided that it wasnt worth the money. the site where you sign up does say that they will refund the entire registration fee. so I called their toll-free customer service number, yes it does work, and yes I recieved prompt service, but the representative tried to deny my refund. she said that she couldn't refund my money. but I knew I had seen on the website that you can, so I found the site again, stated the terms word for word, and only then did she refunded my money.

    I guess the company didn't want any legal trouble. but that is just sketchy.

  • Sc
      28th of Jul, 2008
    -1 Votes

    Talent6 is a scam for the most part
    Talent6 posts 100's-1000's of casting calls a day/week but they are found by employees in lativa (eastern europe near russia)
    Talent6 takes casting calls from craigslist (free!) and posts them as their own or from sites such as mandy etc...
    Talent6 notifies people that have posted casting calls on craigslist that they essentially "stole" their casting calls and are letting them know they've reposted on talent6.
    Most people ask that their casting call be removed if they ever get the email saying their casting calls was posted on talent6.
    Talent6 works for a very few clients
    Talent6 is most in communication with casting directors for some of the shows they brad about.
    Talent6 does not work for most professional casting directors and small time producers because talent6 will take anyones money and let them have a profile and apply for casting calls.
    Sorry to be blunt but the entertainment industry isn't looking for not attractive and un professional people.
    Talent6 gets away with all of this because of the wording of their small print
    Talent6 will batch message members on behalf of a casting director with or without their permission thus your led to believe the casting director chose you...

    Basically please do not sign up for talent6 you will not get your moneys worth in return.

  • Kr
      19th of Aug, 2008
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    This is my attempt to rectify any unresolved issues. We provide a service that has been proven successful by many of our members. These members have continually worked hard and are proactive in their acting careers. The 90 day guarantee is steadfast and holds true to this day. Anyone may visit us at our website and turn your attention to the links "About Us", and "Terms and Conditions". Any other concerns I will try to address as soon an I possibly can. Thank you for your time, KristinaG

  • Mi
      23rd of Sep, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I am a casting director with crosscolorfilms, our company has posted casting calls on this site and we had over 21000 hits from different cities as we needed 500 extras and lead actors.

    We never asked for one dime we were looking to pay people to work for us.

    Talent 6 pulled the plug on our site because we did not tell them where we got our grant from. the person who spoke to me on the phone told me when I am resdy to tell him where I got my money from he would put us back on we said good bye to talent 6 so there goes the jobs.

    They also said we were paying too much money to untrained actors

    Michael ryan casting director

    Cross color films
    314 406 2332

  • Ig
      24th of Sep, 2008
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    Talent6 selected for entertainment standard of excellence by webawards

    San francisco, ca – talent6, a san francisco based entertainment company has been selected as a winner in the webaward competition for entertainment standard of excellence and online community standard of excellence. the web marketing association is the producer of the webaward competition. now in its 12th year, the webawards is the premier annual website award competition that names the best web sites in 96 industries while setting the standard of excellence for all website development.

    Talent6 entertainment standard of excellence award is in good company with fellow award winners, such as, disney, usa networks, american idol live, 50th annual grammy awards and rogers & hammerstein organization.

    Talent6 provides casting calls nationwide for just about everyone and anyone wanting to get their start in the entertainment industry working as an extra in movies, tv shows, modeling and music videos. talent6 works with some of the biggest network shows and movies in hollywood, as well as, short independent films, dance, music and theatrical productions. john t. williams, marketing director at talent6, says, “the goal for our new web site is to provide our talents with maximum exposure to casting directors searching for new talent and thousands of casting call opportunities nationwide.”

    A webaward judge writes, "this is a great site. it is clear what the purpose is, who it's for, and what they can expect. I found it simple to navigate to any part of it and the overall scheme was pleasing to the eye. this is the sign of a mature developer who understands the principles of web design and not just how to impress clients. because of that, clients are impressed anyway without glitz and show that provides nothing to the user. very good job. I give very few scores this high."

    Talent6 spent six months developing their new web site and has seen a dramatic increase in new membership and existing membership retention. “we hit our goals perfectly with the new site and this award from webawards, confirms it”, says igor reiant, ceo of talent6.

    The new design and branding has given talent6 more credibility and stature within the entertainment industry. leading casting directors and producers for major tv shows and feature films are now more confident working with talent6 for their projects. talent6 is currently casting for top name shows and movies like, jim carrey's new feature film “yes man”, “mtv rock band2”, “america's next top model” and tom hanks upcoming film, “angels demons”. talent6 is now a recognized player in the entertainment industry.

  • Kr
      25th of Sep, 2008
    -1 Votes

    The #1 priority for talent6 is protect it's members. there are a lot of scammers out there who try to contact our members with fake casting calls or projects. even if a project is on the up and up, we have to verify certain information so our members are not falling for a scam.

    When a project is legit, the casting director has no problem providing information to verify their project and they generally understand why we are so strict. people in the entertainment industry understand full well about scams, fake casting calls or modeling jobs and congratulate us on trying to protect our members. hollywood is full of horror about people being misled.

    At talent6, we lean on the side of the talent. we would rather take the chance of upsetting one filmmaker, than hundreds of our talents becoming victim of a scam.

  • Ka
      3rd of Oct, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I am coming from the other side, as a talent seeker. I posted an ad on craigslist looking to hire a vocalist to sing 2 songs in a masonic hall in rural maine. talent6 got my email address from the ad and sent me a spam claiming that I have an account with them. they re-posted my craigslist ad on their site, assigned me a user name and password and told me i'd have to log in if I want my ad removed from their site. I have reported them to craigslist and to my state attorney general and I urge you to do the same.

  • Je
      20th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    I am not here to pass any judgement on anything or to pick sides, however I am going to state my opinion. I used talent6 for a few weeks and today as a matter of fact cancelled because it just wasn't my thing. I did however, get responses from casting call directors and responded back to them in emails. it did help me because for the most part it was something on the side. that's what I think a lot of people are missing, they think that just because they sign up they don't have to do much, but you do have to search for what you want to do. I responded to like about I believe 20 or so casting calls and only got word back from 2. I did receive other messages that everyone got, but I did also receive real ones. I liked it personally because they completely help you and don't neccesarily rip you off. you just have to know what your capable of doing and submit to the one's that fit you and you fit for them. again, i'm not trying to be biased but I did like it for the while it lasted.
    Thank you talent6!

  • Ta
      22nd of Jan, 2009
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    Gwendolyn from ga said "hello everyone, I am just starting with talent 6 less than a week. I have already got my first call for an audition tomorrow. to tell you the truth I was a little skeptical when calling talent 6 at first, however I am now a believer that they are legit. wish the best for me on my first audition."


  • Mi
      17th of Feb, 2009
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    Now, after reading all of this messages and from other complaint links in support of talent6 the question is: who of you works for and is being paid by such company to post this mesages in support trying to cover up the crap these companies really offer, I mean, people! dont be fooled!.. 0ut of all the thousands or perhaps millions of you who pay for this services I bet only about 5 % are lucky to get a job in the entertainment industry, every one else's money is being invested and maybe refunded after the 3 months, but not before producing interests or gains for the company, so in less words, your money is being used to run other business while you're waiting for your phone to ring, this is what many other companies do, like those who offer you to work from home for them, they always ask you for a deposit that will supposedly cover for the first kit package costs, you pay for it, and soon after you receive a package with a head ache in it that will last you for at least a week, your money is gone and there is no one to tell you where it is, they work or hold every ones's money in their banks for 3 months earning interests before agreeing to refund it generating thousands of dollas in gains for their own. the best thing to do is to search for yourself and contact the entertainment companies directly, there's plenty of information always about castings and openings with some of the most popular ones online or through the news channel's web pages. and learn something, any one who asks you for money in advance for uncertain or questionable services is allways a thief! pay only to those who are showing you, or walking you to the product physically.

  • Tc
      28th of Mar, 2009
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    I just called talent6 and they quickly explained how I can get in the movies and get paid all of this money and all I would need is any photo of me that did not need to be professional and quickly asked for $45.00. I asked the guy what was his name and he paused and said "oscar cook." I then asked if I could speak with someone who talent6 had successfully found work for and he put me on hold then a lady got on the phone and began to talk fast about how I could get called by "tons" of casting directors and basically explained the same thing he did and again quickly asked for $45.00. I told her that I would call back and hung up. I called back and another guy answered. I asked for "oscar cook" and he hesitated and said, "huh... oscar?" I said yes, I just spoke with someone there who said his name was oscar cook and that's who I wanna speak to. he said "huh, oscar just went to lunch and we will be closing soon so I can get you set up now" and he quickly asked for $45.00. I said, "no, i'd like to speak with oscar cook." he said, "well we are not obligated to let you speak to who you spoke with before." I said, "i'm not obligated to give you my damn $45.00 you scam artist." I told him that I didn't believe a oscar cook even existed and that they are a bunch of crooks. I also told him this is one $45.00 you won't get.

    People... listen... please donot give these people your money. think about.. why is this kristin (probably a fake name) sending a rebuttal for every comment someone makes about talent6?.. if talent6 is so legit why waste your time trying to explain. she just want talent6 to keep the scam going. I don't care what other people say... these people are scam artist.

    And it's possible that they are acting as people who actually found work with them. come on guys its easy to do. all they have to do is click on disagree and write a fake paragraph on how they found work with talent6 and sign in under any email address. most email addresses are free. this kristin needs to be kicked in the teeth and sent to jail for a few years. tc

  • Ta
      1st of May, 2009
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    This poster has no real truth to his post.. I started working today at talent 6 on the phones
    I have to abide by strict rules on what is said on the phone or I will be fired instantly
    Every call is recorded to protect both party's, every detail is told to the new member to let them decide if this service is for them.
    10 years ago I was on a tv show and it was a great experience. but I had no way to try to earn a living at it. talent 6 provides a doorway into this industry at a reasonable fee. can we make you a movie star over night? of course not, but we do guarantee you will be contacted in 90 days for a casting call or your money will be refunded with no problems. I am proud to say I work there. and like everyone else I want a shot at the silver screen also. I proactively
    Submit my portfolio every night after work and I will get a call.!
    John wayne was a prop boy, harrison ford a carpenter, tom cruse a extra, but they all started at the bottom, walk in to your state employment office and tell then to put you in the movies and see how far you get.. you with talent6 can do just that..
    So before you sit in your home posting garbage like this. feel free to contact me at my home, if you have a gripe, need help, what ever I can do to help, I will on my time, my home email is reynoldchapin@yahoo if you got to the site type my name in member search box.. I am the hansom guy on the captain america harley.

  • Sa
      9th of May, 2009
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    I signed up with talent 6 a few days ago and the person told me their name promptly, and said to write it down, i'm assuming it was because of the many people who have asked for a name and received a fake name. to be honest, I was excited, I was really looking forward to it but as other people have said, if you have to pay for a job, it doesn't work. as far as i'm concerned, after signing up, I realized that this wasn't going to work out for me personally, it wasn't practical. at first I thought that it would be great money per day but what are the chances that there are going to be a ton of casting calls in south dakota. honestly, who shoots things in this kind of area.

    Well when I called in to cancel, the person was rude to me telling me that it is worth it and when I explained my situation, to which he explained that I could get $100 to $300 a day. if this company is so real, they need to give people a free trial! if they get into the right place and then get a job and it lasts more than one day, then they should have to pay to continue the trial.

    Now the person I spoke with when I signed up was very quick to ask for my $45 but then stared telling me about these other things I would have to pay after he had already taken my credit card information. had I known that, I wouldn't have signed up. all these things they don't talk to you about until after they have your information and then it's the "by the way, we're going to charge you more and more even if you don't get to your place." I understand where it works for some people, but for people in places where it's not going to happen, leading them on isn't the best thing. it gets you in a lot of trouble.

    I feel like these people who read off a teleprompter could tell you what you're paying and what you're paying for before you give out your information. it's not right to mislead people. it pisses me off.

  • Ta
      10th of Jun, 2009
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    Although the spelling of "weather" instead of "whether" in their craigslist posting on the portland, or board should have tipped me off, I figured I would call since it is only 7 a. m. and hr departments aren't really open until 9 a. m. for my real job search.

    It is a scam. I am out of work, just trying to find a way to make money until I get a full-time job (jeez I send out at least 10 applications and resumes a day).

    I called and got a gal who asked if it was the first time I was calling. I told her it was. she asked my zip code. I gave it to her. dude, I live in beaverton, oregon, for chrissakes! she went on to tell me that there are calls in my area. believe me, it's not often movies are shot in our area, and when they are, contracted talent agents here already know about it and get their clients hooked up. so, already the odds of getting an extra job are pretty low. anyway, she told me about the $45 one-time fee for my portfolio. I told her it sounded like a scam and got off the phone.

    By the way, if these jobs pay between $100-300 a day, how come she is answering the phones at 7 a. m. and not being an extra herself?

  • Jo
      10th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    I got lucky I guess. I signed up the 9th and withdrawed the 10th when I saw this site and said the hell with it. my mother thought I was crazy giving my banking information to a 1800 number. don't you think this is a ponzy scheme; you giving money in advanve in order to get more money down the rode when they fell like calling you. it probly is a legit business but how do we as customers know that they are not using our information to get new credit cards or even idenity theft. wait till the fbi see's this complaint!

  • Jo
      10th of Jun, 2009
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    Don't you thinks this sounds like a ponzy scheme... give us money now and you might get a large sum in return when we fell like it. if no, this may in fact be a legit business but who would dare challenge this company, that is what really gave me issues. my mother thought I was crazy because I gave my entire credit card info to some 1800 number. who are u... really, if everything was recorded, record to me your tax information, why dont you tell me the owners name, piece by piece this injustice will unfold and it is up to us! the people with the brains! to decide whether 'they are fakes'. we need to bring this up. email write call your congressmen and tell about this group. if they are legit show us, do not tell us.

    I really felt bad for those trapped individuals who work for talent6 because if this all collaspes your benefits if any will all go to u know where... hehehehe

  • Ks
      10th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    I called talent6 just today to get more information, while the guy who answered was well rehearsed and decent, he was much too eager to get my bank account information. never a good thing. when I said I would not be giving them any money til I can get more information on the company he directed me to the website. I told him I don't want the website but I wanted to be mailed physical material so I can look thru and he again tried to direct me to the website. at the time of the phone call I was researching if the company was a scam or not on the internet and found this site. when I told him what I had just found on the net about their business being a scam, he immediately compared talent6 to at&t saying they too could be called a scam by the internet... really, talent6? really!? with out a doubt most if not all reviews for talent6 have been negative and said to be fraud. even if I tried to review scams linked with at&t, nothing would be as decimating to the whole company as talent6's were! as amusing as it was to hear him try and compare this fraudshop with reputable at&t the phone call alone was a waste of my time.

  • Em
      14th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    If they were a scam I dont think they would have been in business for over 5 years now.. its a service so of course you have to pay nothing is free, they tell you everything its your choice if you choose not to pay attention, its pretty clear $45 for portfolio and registration if you are not contacted in 90 days then you get your money back.. and they do indeed give you your money back.. why would you sign up for something if you dont understand it? and then get mad about it and call the company a scam just because you did not understand something and wanted to believe that you pay $45 and will become a superstar.. come on people lets all be grown ups and take responsibility for our own actions... next time you call an 800 number pay attention and remember that no one is forcing you to sign up for anything.

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