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Talent And More LLC / Unauthorized charges

1 OH, United States Review updated:

I have for 2 months been trying to recoup money from Talent and More that were charged on my AT&T bill. AT&t pays this company. So if you don't pay your phone bill in full, some other AT&T service will not be paid. We subtracted what was owed to Talent and More resulting in our AT&T internet services being turned off. Then we had to pay a $25 restoraction fee. Make sure when you call AT&T you put the unauthorized charges in dispute or you will still be held responsible. After 2 mos. Talent and More has not credited our bill. I raised my voice to 2 different phone reps today because she said that they would only credit 1 charge as a courtesy. When I asked for the complete address of the company because I would be reporting them to the government and BBB, she said, "not unless you quit raising your voice at me", I said I would not and she hung up with me. At&T was very helpful and has sent the charges back to Talent and More, but, I could still get a bill from Talent and more. At&t now has put a block on all 3rd party charges (they never offered this before and this was our 3rd time contacting them) My advice is to request such a block on your phone bill. THey make you feel like such dumb idiots and at&t said this is NOT considered slamming.

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  • Bi
      11th of Jun, 2009
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    I was billed 21.50 for services that I did not order. The company claimed that I apparently signed up for these services. This is a scam because I did not under any circumstances sign up for anything.

  • Na
      27th of Jun, 2009
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    I was billed 21.07 for services that I did not order. The company claimed that my daughter who graduated from college four years ago and has not lived at home for 7 years signed up for the service. Checked with her and she advised absolutely not. Called Talent & More, received confirmation number of cancellation but charge appeared again this month. Calling ATT now to say stop this or turn off my phone. Don't need house phone anyways - US Cellular is great mobile provider.

  • Lo
      6th of Jul, 2009
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    Same thing happened to me -I have an IP number and I'll be getting a subpoena tomorrow! Whoever is doing this has to be stopped!
    Seriously checking into just having a cell phone, unless AT&T has a better way of putting an end to this nightmare.

  • Az
      6th of Jul, 2009
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    AT&T would like nothing better than for people to only have cell phones. The profit margins and future potential for nickel and dimining people to death is enormous.

    I actually would not be surprised if AT&T was trying to piss people off so much that they cancelled their land lines.

  • Sl
      12th of Aug, 2009
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    I too, just went through the same thing. I pay my bill online automatically, and did not realize I was being charged for several months. Got the same deal as above. When I talked to a rep, she told me the IP address used (NOT MINE), and the name and address weren't mine, either. I was basically told via email by TAM that it was my fault for not reviewing my bill! But, ATT has refunded all of the charges. Did I get my money back, yes, and they blocked my phone too. But these thieves are still in business, preying on honest folks. It's a shame. Does the BBB know about them?

  • Ma
      19th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    My story is just like yours. First AT&T had no control over this, after my third call, now they can credit 3 months for me! Idiots! What is up with this? I feel AT&T can do something about this! After all, we are customers? Or maybe we are victims of their own scam? Who knows? No one will ever know! But guess what action I took? I discontinue my services and search for other phone service options! Oh yes, in addition to discontinuing services, I am making sure I am well informed and ready to take action! It has been a year of un-asked for charges, and over three months of battling with AT&T. If AT&T doen't have the power to control the problem, they just lost another customer. I will not contribute to their rich scam lifestyle!

  • Sl
      23rd of Aug, 2009
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    Talent And More LLC - cramming
    Talent and More LLC
    1971 Lee Road
    Winter Park
    United States
    Phone: 1-888-567-1337

    My phone bill was charged 21.27, for some type of hosting for a talent agency. Gee, like i need that..
    when I called was told that it would take 3 to 4 billing cycles to stop this..but only takes 1 to start it????i filled a report with the FCC, the better business bureau of flordia, going to file with the attorney general of flordia, , , , these people need to stop this mess...

  • Ja
      2nd of May, 2010
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    I have been a victim of this "cramming" for the past several months as well. AT&T was not helpful until I really got tough with them. They at first said I had to contact the company who placed the charges in order to get my refund. I tried to contact the company, and of course, you get put on hold forever and never get to speak to a real person. So, I called AT&T back and demanded that they give me credit and put a 3rd party block on my phone bill. They did. Unfortunately, however, fraudulent charges were made again the next month, and the next month. So I had to go around and around with all parties involved several times. What is insane is that these charges were made in my husband's name, whose name is not even on the account. Once, when we were moving, my husband tried to call the phone company to change our service to our new address. They said they could only talk to me because my name was on the account. But these scammers can make fraudulent charges under my husband's name??? It is insane and infuriating! I tell you, if this happens again, Vonage is just a phone call away!!
    P.S. Like others, I have taken my bill off of auto-pay until this mess is cleared up.

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