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Talent and More, LLC / Unauthorized billing

1 KS, United States Review updated:

I just got off the phone with AT&T...they are going to file a claim on my behalf for ALL of the unauthorized charges that The Billing Resource / Talent and More, LLC have charged on my home phone bill.

The guy FREDDY (Talent & More Customer Service Employee) that AT&T and I conferenced told me that someone I LIVE with authorized these charges and then gave the name of THAT person...which happens to be no person in my home has that name and I told him that, plus there is noone in my husband's family with that name!!! I also told him that he knows how IDENTITY THEFT works too that someone who knows me could have done this...hell for all he knew it could've been the ex-wife I told him! They are only going to refund me for my May and June bill and have cancelled my "subscription". I told "FREDDY" that I didn't even know WHAT Talent and More was...or what it did...and I also told him repeatedly that I NEVER OKAYED THOSE CHARGES! Make sure and get a confirmation number from them!

Talent and More, LLC phone number is [protected] - The Billing Resource is [protected]...if they want to play...let's screw them up! I'm tired of their crap! They told me that it's going to take 2-3 billing cycles before I see my refunds!

In looking at another website...I got that this lady was supposedly the one who owns this company:
Linda G. Koldenhoven, but her number is not listed...just her work number and that's a hospital. How the other person from that website knows that...I don't know.

Good luck to you all!!

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  7th of Jul, 2009
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Actually this is just an update from what I typed here...
I just filed a report with the Better Business Bureau of Central Florida
and told them what I've put here and they say I should give them at least 30 days to investigate the complaint..and if the company calls me to resolve the issue to let them know.

In the process of filing the actual complaint I found this out...

I found that the actual address for Talent & More:
1971 Lee Road
Winter Park, FL 32789
with the owner being Kristen Koldenhoven and the partner being Linda Harper...but I still could not find a direct phone number for either one of these ladies...imagine that!!

Again, I say...good luck to you all!

  1st of Aug, 2009
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I'm a representative for a telephone company. I receive at least three phone calls per day concerning this company. As far as I have been able to tell, they are a scam. I had a woman the other day who had been married for five years (they told her the account holders name and used her maiden name), and not used the email address they claimed she set up the "account" with in at least three years. She was able to get all three months of credit back. The only thing I am able to recommend is adding a third party billing block to your telephone accounts. This is not something that most telephone companies flat out offer, but more of an honor if requested. There is no charge to do this. The third party billing block or "drop non pic charge" is completely separate from a non published-non listed telephone number.

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I just filed an identity theft report with middletown Police Dept against "Susan Englan" or is it " Susan Arnhardt " addresses provided for her were 1817 Winton St Middletown Oh 45044 and 1307 Bechan Chatham Rd - her email address used to make these fraudulant charges was the number listed is 513-217-0681. These charges were also posted to my at&t bill throught Talent and More mLLC., however they did refund me all the amount, I am not happy with having to wait 2-3 billing cycles, I do understand the process.

  19th of Aug, 2009
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I too been having the same billing problems with Talent and More LLC. What bothers me most, is AT&T can't put a stop to this. I signed up for AT&T service...not anyone else. I feel to an extent they too are responsible. I am a customer! AT&T should take action. I discontinued my phone service, since AT&T did not have any control over this. Maybe the more customers they loose, they will think twice to advocate for their customers. Also, I called Talent and More and emailed too regarding my charges, and guess what? Instead of my account being credit, I got another new charge, plus their regular charge that I have been paying for a year now! I called AT&T and I refuse to keep calling Talent and More LLC! For what! A scam artist isn't going to bend backwards...!!! Bottom line is a WASTE of MY TIME and HEALTH! I will do more research about taken action, on both ends, AT&T adn TALENT AND MORE LLC, something needs to be done about this. This company is making trillions of dollars by ripping AT&T customers and its not like AT&T is not aware of this. AT&T recommended I contact the STATE and PUBLIC UTILITIES! Really? Why do I have to go through all the agrevation? All I requested was phone service and internet! I was unaware of this thrid billing process that AT&T has no control of. As a result, I have no land line, no internet, and my housse alarm will be effected by this. Someone outthere must have some type of information or resource to nail this people! This is unethical and simply just not right! I live paycheck by paycheck! They are taking away basic needs from my children! I will not stop until I accomplish taking down this company! Any inofomation you can give me please comment! Thank you.

  28th of Aug, 2009
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Hello Everyone.

We just received our phone bill and found a charge from The Billing Resource and Talent and More, LLC. If we were not vigilant about checking our bill, who knows how long it would have appeared before we noticed. I am so glad I thought to look it up and even happier to have found all these comments about this thievery. We will taking up this issue with Verizon and the bogus company first thing Monday morning!

  11th of Sep, 2009
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My last complaint was is says 66 days ago...since then I've been credited ALL MONIES debited from my account through AT&T.

Do as I did...filed a report with the Better Business Bureau of Central Florida -
Tell them your entire story...yes it did take a while, but I got all of my money back! I had to go through the Better Business Bureau...but like I works. I've now got a credit on my phone bill...I had 5 months worth of charges for Talent and More, LLC.

You'll need the address of Talent and More, LLC (included below):
1971 Lee Road
Winter Park, FL 32789

Linda Koldenhoven
Talent and More


Ok, sorry for the caps, but I had to emphasize that!
Good luck to all of you!!

  20th of Oct, 2009
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I just found this and wanted to comment. I noticed the charges in Sept. 2009 and called and canceled. The company had the wrong birth year and month wrong and they we're using my maiden name. I also talked to AT&T they stated they would take the charges off but couldn't guarantee they wouldn't come back.
Then this month I open my bill and Talent and More is still on my bill. I called and canceled again and stated I never signed up for this service and she verified my information and it still had my maiden name. I never heard of this service and I surely didn't sign up for it.
Nancy stated I still had to pay for the charge but she would cancel the account. I told her I wasn't paying for anything I didn't authorize.
I called AT & T and they took off the charges, Jim suggested I call the Attorney General and the the FCC and file a formal complaint. That I could get back my money all the way from July. So I just did that. You have to have the months bills from the charges. So if they charged you for 4 months then you need your bills for those months.
Jim also explained that these service were given freedom to do as they please, that each person needs to complain to Attorney General and FCC and then maybe they will give AT &t the right to block these services.
He also suggested when you sign up for sites to read everything, that it may be in small print that after so many days they will charge you for services or it may go to a third party service.

  12th of Nov, 2009
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This just happened to me ... via Cincinnati bell telephone!! The problem is they billed it to my Mothers Phone using my maiden name and a email address that has been dormant for months and months ... I ask them exactly what it is that I get for for 19.95 a month ... they told me they were a Web building talent agency ... They build Web sites for talented people to get there names out there ... and then i ask ... well where is this web page you built for me ... no answer ... The guy just said like I said Mam your account has been closed ... I told him there are thousands of complaints against his company on the net and he said with all due respect Mam if you google walmart or MacDonalds you can find complaints ... and I said" With no repect Young man ... Walmart and MacDonald s are not my 79 year old Mother who lives on a fixed income and is dying of stage 4 breast cancer ... What else could the douche box say!! What a f'in ###!!

really find it hard to believe that Cincinnati bell would let someone from the internet 3rd party a bill for a person who's name doesn't even appear on the actual phone bill!!

  13th of Nov, 2009
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I just looked at our Embarq (now Century Link) bill and noticed this charge, actually looking back it had been on there since May. I called Embarq and they said that was a third party company and I would need to call them. So I did an spoke with a lady at TALENT AND MORE that said she would cancel it but could not give the past months back to me. I asked her how they got my info. She said I agreed to this charge and she gave me my name and address and my mother in laws email address. She said I agreed to the charge through my mother in laws email. I gave her a few choice words. I never agreed to anything and I don't ever use my in laws email. I told her this was illegal and asked to speak to her manager. She told me she would let me talk to him but he was going to tell me the same thing. That is when that little ### "Freddy" told me that I signed up for it and was responsible for it. I told him I never signed up for anything and that what they were doing was illegal and a fraud. He stated that they could not do it if it were illegal. I told him bull ###, people do illegal things everyday and that still does not make it right. He was talking over me and being rude so I gave him a few "kind words" and hung up. My husband then called him and the same thing happened. My husband called embarq and they are going to refund us. I don't see how this is legal. The lady at embarq says there is an email going around that is an IQ test and if you want to see your results on the page you hit "okay" and below that is a box where they have a check in it (you have to remove the check) that authorizes this company. I never did any sort of "test", but she said anyone can do it online and put your info in there and they will start billing you. How do these people sleep at night. I am filing a complaint with the FCC and Attorney Generals Office. They messed with the wrong one.

  3rd of Feb, 2010
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I am going through the exact same thing with this place!! Today I had a yelling match with some A-Hole named John who was well, what I just said. I used a few choice words on the fellow as well.

He kept insisted that my husband signed up and autorized this. He did not. They had his name and the @ section of our e-mail address, but not once gave the entire address, probably because they didn't have it.

I followed the advice of the person above about the BBB, just sent in the complaint, crossing fingers that it works. My phone company knows all about this and has been great in not making me pay any of the charges. Thank you phone company!!! And after I spoke with them today, they said they will start an investigation next month if the "credits" have not been issued.

I guess I am lucky, I caught the charge on the second month and called them, but they charged me one more time after I cancelled.

Good luck to all that have to deal with this place. I urge EVERYONE, call you phone company and see if they have something to put on your account to keep third party places from billing you. My company calls it No Cramming.

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