Talecris Plasma ResourcesDiscrimination against U.S. Veterens

To Whom it may concern; My name is Alfred Blackwell, address is 525 East Bonanza Apt. 315. Las Vegas NV. 89101. cell, [protected]. My complaint is simple, I was denied, given plasma, because of my address. I put in a complaint, it was resolve, but no apology nor compensation. 3 months later, I take a fellow veteren to donate. because of his address 525 East Bonanza Apt. 239, he couldnt donate, I did not get perfer a friend bonus. A complaint was put in, the situration was resolve, but once again no apology nor compensation was suggested. on the 13 of feb. I went to donate, blood was taken, on the 15 of feb, I go to donate, Im told I couldnt, because of a low count in my protein. they took another simple. I was told, its going to take 14 days before the results come back. Im a UNITED STATES MARINE... who agreed to give up my life, for my country.for 16 yrs. I serve my country faithfully. I dont need no one to talk at me, talk to me. it took 2 days for the results to come back, now they tell me, its going to take 14 days. why is it, taken 2 weeks, for the same results to come back, its they way of punishing me. I Will exericise my 1st. Admendment Rights, and exposed the corruption which exsist in Talecris Plasma Center, and the rest of the Plasma center in the United States of America. respectfully yours; Cpl. Blackwell U.S.M.C. P.S. I await a reply, until Monday the 29th. before I going in front of city hall and voice loudly the discrimination that has been bestored on the men and women that serve this great country of ours.

Feb 25, 2016

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