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Tai Sang Embro - Mr. Dharmesh Shah ( Da Shan) took advance amount and never delivered machines.

Register Company name : Melco dragon development limited
Registered Add. : 1109, Dominion centre, Queens road, Hong Kong (Its a commercial company for the sale of TAI SANG EMBRO brand machines)
China Operating Company Name : TAI SANG EMBRO
Address : 103, Unit 2, Building 8, Guang An Xin Cun. Zhuji. 311800. Zhejiang. China.

Tel : +86 [protected], Fax : +86 575 [protected]
Website : and
Email : [protected]

Order Date 5th July 2016

We have paid 25% advance with PI terms Machine delivery after 45 Days but till date more then 140 days pass but we have not received our machine and advance amount.

Similar cheating and Fraud attempted by this company with many Indian people.

Please be aware and careful with this person.

Tai Sang Embro / Tai Sang Enterprise

Dec 09, 2016
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  • Da
      Nov 18, 2017

    the complainant has already approached indian embassy in china & a resolution has been given to them. they do not want to act on the same & they are trying to blackmail us by putting our photos on the internet.

    the complaint is also not putting their names & details which they should put if there is any truth to the complaint.
    email with indian embassy, one of those has been submitted to this forum. more can be disclosed. if government departments, ministry of external affairs are involved, why would someone not take their help & put this kind of defaming post. this only can happen with there is less truth on the matter.

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  • Dh
      Aug 10, 2018

    Above post is from cheater guy only. He is very expert in cheating and fraud. He know how to play and grab your money legally. He has person in embassy as well. If any one want to investing about this person let me share your email ID I will you enough proof about this fraud person.

    Please please do not do business with this guy .. You will find very trust worthy and reliable guy in China .

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  • Et
      May 18, 2019

    Do not Trust to this company. This company and owner is 1000% cheater. In case if any person need proof and more details just add comments with your email Id and contact details we will provide proof.

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  • Ma
      Aug 18, 2019

    @EthopiaMitiku Sir I challenge you to send the proof. and if you have proof to send to me, why are you not putting the proof here on this website. when you have no shame to put someone photo here on the website, why are you not putting your case proof here. I am very much sure there is no truth to this details. I saw this today and asked Dashan about it. he has send me the email send to you by the embassy. you may call him Cheat and you may keep changing new ID and keep putting new complaints for him. Allah is the one who sees all. I am sure, there is nothing truth as if it was truth, the compay would have closed long time back. stop putting some one photo like this to so wrong with them.
    it is a mistake of this website that they allow to put personal attack here. bad bad. Allah sees all

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  • Ma
      Aug 18, 2019

    i am a regular machine buying dealer from china i buy machines from this company and we have never had any issue. yes in some times, our machine gets delayed but it is normal to get delayed by 5 - 10 days. though i have not met this owner any time, but i think if some one has a problem, why they do not go to this company and meet them. i am buying from them from 2012 and we only have contact with each other by means of internet and then whatsapp

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