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Tag Entertainment / Fraud and cheating

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Contact information:
Tag Entertainment
We purchased a 1/2 unit for $12, 500 in Timeless Tales II Limited partnership on 12-31-03. The company was supposed to be producing a movie, 'William Tell'. Tag Entertainment and Enriching Entertainment were also involved. About a year ago, David Borg told us that the movie was nearly complete, but that they needed a little more money to finish the sound production. We sent an additional $2500.

The movie, to our knowledge, has never been released. We were promised a quick return+ on our money, but haven't seen a dime. We were promised a CD of the movie in the spring of 2007, but have never received anything. We doubt the movie is, or ever will be, released. We have been taken for $15, 000.

Before investing in the partnership, we had seen Miracle Dogs and really enjoyed the movie. Shortly after, we also saw Santa Trap. We were pleased with the movies, as they were very family friendly. Given the quality of some of the stars in the movie, we believed that Steve Austin and the companies named above were above board, honest, family-value companies. But they are nothing more than scam artists.

Please contact us if there are any legal proceedings or suits brought against these criminals that we may join.


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A  8th of Apr, 2009 by 
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Lou Pearlman is in federal prison, probably for the remainder of his slimy life.
Steven Kent Austin is a total liar and scam artist, who fooled a lot of people.
I doubt he will fool Judge Margaret M. Morrow...
Brother Steve is going to prison this summer. That lucky ###... I would like to rip his tonsils out with my bare hands, as long as I am wearing thick gloves.
David Borg is whereabouts unknown. Could have a tall blond on each shoulder, grabbing whatever cash is left.
So much for TAG Entertainment stock. It is worth less than a roll of toilet paper. TAGE or whatever it is called by now is valued at .0003 per share.
Some of the movies were and still are extremely profitable. "Supercross: The Movie" was one of the hottest films in China for over half a year.
See you in the L.A Federal Court this summer.
For more information enter TAG Entertainment on Google.
N  7th of Jun, 2009 by 
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As stated many times the statue of limitations on fraud is 24 months. As I see it, Mr. Steven Kent Austin will walk away a free man. All you who still bother the public with your mistakes will need to get a Investor's Duncecap Greed Mirror, to see. WHO is to BLAME HERE?

Need I say more? Get over it. The barn door is closed and the race horse ran off to uncharterd territory without being branded. You got the greed bug and still cannot revover from being human and making stupid mistakes jumping off Investment Cliffs with the rest of the Investor's...You are a bunch of dumb dumbs...MOVE ON!

D  7th of Jun, 2009 by 
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According to the first page listed on a Google search of relevant words for TAG Entertainment investor fraud victim criteria...
Discovery is a very important part of the beginning of the 3 year California Statute of Limitations for Fraud crimes. Look for yourself by scrolling half-way down the page at...
These movies' recovered assets are already under custody by the U.S. Department of Justice. This money taken wrongly by this Steve Austin, will be disbursed to the victims in this Steven Kent Austin federal prosecution. Also importantly, federal prosecution authority vastly EXCEEDS THE POWERS OF STATE LAW.
The response of "cbc" just prior, in my opinion does not exhibit knowledge of law and the regulation of the courts.
Furthermore, [in my opinion only] I would estimate that this Steve Austin stallion will be lucky to get out of the Big House Corral any day sooner than ten years from now. And his release-to-travel-the-world could be after being penned for an even much longer time. Especially considering what he did puts horse flies in the face of the current public sentiment against "white collar criminals".
I also find it hard to believe that additional stolen-from-investor assets are not now sitting at offshore locations, and I think many of us suspect that to be the case.
This "Con-Man" type of criminal is almost impossible to reform, according to what I have been told.
The movie business is full of corruption, the TAG Entertainment people just took it up a hundred notches. Even so, with the DOJ following him for the rest of his life, who would hire him... NOBODY in my opinion.
The Big House will be a way to protect the public from this scam artist, and also offer protection for Steve Austin. With ten or twenty years of cost-free-to-him clean stall and boarding, Steve will have it a lot better than many of us who have to work an honest job through these rough times.
D  8th of Jun, 2009 by 
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Here is a song I composed about you Investor's. It's a true story of green and embarassment. No holds bar.



Hey - there Dahlia
What's it like without your money
I am a thousand miles away from you
I think it' s funny.
Yes I do
You know it's true…

Hey - there Dahlia
I know times are getting harder
Just believe me when I say
You paid my bills with all your charm
Oh' yes indeed. I'm on my knees. .

Oh'… what you gave to me…
Oh'… what you gave to me…

Tomorrow Land, seems pretty far
But we've got all your traveling cars
It really just don't seem so very fair
Who colored your hair
Oh' I don’t care

Hey - there Dahlia
How many times have you been taught
When you’re greedy
Gets you into major trouble
Yes indeed...
I know it's just so hard for you to believe….
You get no windy day reprieve
From thieves berated and believed
They really do intentionally deceive
Can you conceive
Do you believe

Oh'… What you gave to me...
Oh'… What you gave to me…

Hey - there Dahlia, it seems such a pity
We all know your very lonely
It's only fair you are so pretty
And your intuition is ###. Is it fair
You were duped with only words of honey
They just took all your money
Is this common, or so very rare
Can you compare. Do, I dare…
Oh’ quite contraire… I feel so free
That money was meant, just for me…
As the white doves fly I'll tell you why
he’ll hang around and wear his crown
He’s the king of all the rats who ever sailed
Jailed or un-jailed

Oh' what you gave to me ...
Oh' what you gave to me…

Hey - there Dahlia…
Remember when you wake today
The sun will shine and you will say..
Tomorrow’s just another freekin day...
That's what you'll say...someone will pay
That man today!... This is what you say!...
Pray now today, that you’re not gay…
Maybe just dismayed.. but until today,
For this I say…

Oh' What you gave to me...
Oh' What you gave to me…

When phone calls come
You’d better run, you know
You know, it will always be the same…
And… you’re to blame….

Oh' What you gave to me...
Oh' What you gave to me…

A half a mill seems a pretty sum
And, your big butt still full with come
You were told the scars would never go away!…
Just who's to blame...
You never train……. cause you refrain
Where is your brain….

Oh' What you gave to me...
Oh' What you gave to me…

When the Feds come
Knocking down the door
Flashing badges, guns
And bullet proof suits
You’ll be shown
Never, never… ending pain………….
Cause your to blame…..
He’s just insane…

Oh’ What you gave to me…
Oh’ What you gave to me…

Blame yourself I’m telling you
And maybe don’t you misconstrue
The world will never ever, ever be the same….
What was your name……….???

Hey – There Dahlia
Hold your head here, very high!
Smile big like God has made you cry~
Your world’s a much better place to play…..
And your to blame………..
Don’t go insane…God knows your name…

Oh’……… What you gave to him.<


You found me here on a little white card
You made my heart race a little while hard
You took from me what I believed
And, I trusted you… when you deceived
I failed myself’ from the first hello
God may trust me. just not with his dough.
I am growing old, but I can still remember when
So happy to be here…. Goodbye my friend.

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