Tag Away Skin Tag Remover / Terrible Stench/Oily Residue

1 Las Vegas, NV, United States
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I have about 20 skin tags, and whenever I lose a few, more take their place, so this kind of thing seemed a good option for me. However, I was not prepared for the awful, penetrating smell which follows you everywhere after applying the stuff. My husband refuses to sleep with me, and even my dog is now on the couch because she can't stop coughing. The entire upstairs of my home stinks when I put it on, as it is incredibly intense. Three times a day for six weeks?!? It's true, it doesn't burn or sting, but the nauseating smell and oily residue it leaves all around the application site are intolerable. Not to mention it costs over $20 for 1/2 oz of the stuff. How many skin tags would that amount cover using three times a day for six weeks? The value is a moot point anyway, I suppose, since no one in my home will come near me. I am a housewife, but what if I had a job? This combination smell of rotting fruit and toilet bowl cleaner would get me sent home to clean it off so as not to offend co-workers or customers. I am also having trouble believing that is is "homeopathic" with the strong chemical odor coming off it. Not only a very disappointing product, but it should have a warning notice on it about these issues. I absolutely believe it is a scam, and intend to tell my friends and family not to use it.

Mar 10, 2013

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