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Tafe Motors / Improper Service - Tafe Chennai

1 India

I own a Palio 1.9 D, which had already, ran 79400 Kms. I never had problems with my vehicle and it was kept near perfection by having good maintenance. Once I was travelling from hosur to Chennai, I got power steering belt problem which made me and family to stand in road for whole night to fix the problem by replacing a new belt. Next week I heard noise in the running belt and noticed the belt was torn.

Wanted to know the Root cause for frequent belt issue:

Took it your TAFE Service center, Mr. Shiva attended my vehicle explained the same story from hosur to Chennai and told that my new belt is torn and want to replace with better understanding potential factor which caused this problem. He answered me that everything will be well explained only after taking the car to pit stop. Promised to give the car on next evening.

Next day, Mr. Shiva called and explained that there is a critical problem with head gasket leakage and overhauling has to done, I was not economically strong to afford everything at the same time, so asked to skip the job as I have planned to do in the month end.

Next day, I got my car delivered to me and No bill was explained and I was forced to pay 15000 Rs since I need my car. I have no idea what kind of treatment has been given to my car. I was given with a feedback form and verbally they have informed that I need to rate it to the high scale if not Mr. Shiva job will be ruined. I rated it good and also got the information that I may receive a call from Pune to ask the feedback.

I started my car, it got a big shake before starting which I never got in my car. The sound of the car was increased. Hope you know Palio is the car which was awarded for its brilliant interior sound proof. I heard the noise of the car even locking my doors which annoyed me at the first point. Checked the lights, One light was not working, AC duct was broken. Thought to move the car, got a big noise (Tung!!!Tung!!!Tung!!!) Everyone shouted to me to turn off the engine. Your Service advisor along with a mechanic came running to me. We noticed the belt is still torn.[AMAZING PART IS THE COMPLIANT FOR WITH I CAME TO SERVICE CENTER WAS NOT TAKEN CARE AND NOT EVEN THE BELT WAS REPLACED] it was took once again to the pit stop and took half an hour to fix something and was back to me with same answer not replaced the belt. Mr. Shiva justified that this is a common problem in Palio and told he got one customer who replaced all the pulley and still got this issue, but this belt will run at least next 10000kms. I got embarrassed on this answers since this was told by SERVICE ADVISOR.

Good thing about your Support and Service is, when they passed me the gate pass I was advised with his business card stating if any breakdowns please call this number for HELP!!!

I called Mr. Shiva in next few Minutes after leaving the service center and told my car is not evening pulling in Second gear and it touches the maximum of 80 Kms/hr and getting hell of noise if I fire the engine more than that and also my power steering is not power as before. he told me that palio will not go more than that and it’s normal. How pathetic competency does your advisor has. A machine with 1910 CC displacement won’t run more than 80Kms/hr. Do you think customers are fools?
I took back on next Saturday and fought with him and got escalated to Mr.Narasimhan and they fixed my car A/C duct issue and some wiring problems and left the place, due to family medical emergency.

[Please Mind to take a note on this, I have ran just 200 Kms after the Service]
Next week, I took mother to hospital from guindy to porur Ramchandra. My car got breakdown.
I got my mobile switched off and no one was there to help me and stopped a car to get a mobile for medical service and sent my mother to hospital. I called from Local booth to bring a towing service and got pulled my car to Service center and paid 2000rs for it.

Now it’s there in your Service center. And no more time a job card has been opened for it. This time Mr.Senthil is closely working with me. One more time please don’t mess with my car.
I will speak to you in person.

Last Invoice no : TafRea-CPI-[protected].


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