TADL, INc.fraud

The Amerassit company was hired by my company to help with debt reduction and resolution. I signed an agreement with them to take control of my outstanding payables. They have accessed an account I set up for this for approx. $9, 000.00 in what they call funding your account for payment. They have NOT obtained any settlements on my behalf to date and I have emailed the account represenative, the account manager and the President of Amerassit on numerous occassions.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Poway, CAThey are NOT returning my calls or emails and have appeared to have vanished from existence! According to the collections company Amerassit lied about proposed offers and stated offers to me as their client that did NOT ever exist from the collectors. I fear that this was nothing more than a money scam to access an account for as much funds as you supply, then dissappear under some B.S. contract that allows them to be paid if you decide their services are NOT working for you! How is it possible to make such contracts that are B.S. in nature and they are upheld by the law? This company needs to be stopped as they are preying on business people that are suffering with this economy and only making the financial picture of an allready bad situation worse.

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