Tacup set / One of the cups arrived broken

1 United States

I ordered a teacup set in May 2009. One of the cups arrived broken. After corresponding with TeaCuppa and DHL numerous times, I thought TeaCuppa would send me the replacement cup. In 2010, TeaCuppa STOPPED corresponding with me. I threatened to write a bad review and here it is. I think TeaCuppa is a DISHONEST company. I wrote bad reviews of TeaCuppa to the Federal Trade Commission, and other sites on the internet to inform customers of the TeaCuppa's horrible customer service. Do not buy teas or teaware from TeaCuppa, because they will try to rip you off. I order all my Chinese teas from TeaSpring and all my teawares from Dragon Tea House on E-bay. These other companies are reputable and offer good customer service. TeaCuppa, on the other hand should be prosecuted for unfair business practices. TeaCuppa TOTALLY *** and I hope it goes bankrupt!


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