Taco GuaymasDemons


Yummy, food is real Mexican here and good enough to return back to enjoy there food again. Well, I avoid come here because of the parking problem. I can say there is no proper place or proper organization for parking. The last time I went there, I parked my car to the extreme corner. But the doorman came to after sometime and asked for keys to park it properly and gave back when he finished his work with my keys. We enjoyed the fresh burritos and yummy desserts and came out to for see my car. Find it nowhere in rows and so I called the security to ask about my car. Even he couldn't answer it. I talk to manager and after half an hour the person who took my keys drive us to the car. Well, my was badly scratched on back left and the mirror has become loose. I ask for compensation of damaged car, manager hold me for damage. The doorman lied to manager that there was already a scratch to my car and he doesn't know about mirror. I know and I have seen twice my car, it was in good condition even after I parked there. But I still fail to understand what was the need to take my car else where when it was safe there and no issues with incorrect parking. I never got my compensation and i never went there again. Trust me, doormen are really demons!

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