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Taco Bell - Iola, KS / screwed up order again!

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I want to start off saying that I love taco bell food. It's my favorite. I have overlooked numerous times when they have screwed up my order or taken forever. But everyone has a breaking point. I hope the company reads these things because this place is ridiculous. My hometown taco bell is in iola, kansas. Literally every time its something, asking for sauce and not getting it, missing food, they try to not give me my drink. Most of the times I really try to be understanding. It is hard working with the public and getting a crappy paycheck but then one day I went and had to wait in the drive through for 48 minutes! I was second in line so with all the concrete curbs I couldn't leave. I had places to be, that is why I didn't go in and sit down! So I stopped going there for a while. But today my love of the food brought me back. Today I took my kids through the drive through and ordered them bean burritos without onions. This isn't brain surgery, just don't put onions on it. My daughter hates onions and really will almost throw up if she bites into one. So I handed her the buritto in confidence that there would be no onions. How stupid was i? My four year old got one on her first bite. We were already home, unpacked and settled for lunch. What am I supposed to do, pack everyone back up and go have some kid spit on my food? I don't think so. So I called and complained and they wanted me to bring my receipt up there. Well guess what I didn't get one, and didn't get any sauce. Go figure. So if you are driving through iola, kansas don't stop at taco bell unless you can go in. Then you can make sure you get your order right. I feel sorry for anyone who has an allergy. They would prob be in the hospital.

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  • Jt
      17th of Aug, 2008
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    I have had so many problems with taco bell getting my orders right I have instructed my employees if you want to eat at taco bell from now on I or my company WILL NOT reimburse you for meals! ...I will no longer enter a taco bell for nothing thank you for not training your employees in the preparation of your food...Congratlations...You have lost 149 customers thanks to your business practices..Keep this practice up I am sure that is were you want your company to end up.Last time I had a problem you sent me a letter saying I am sorry that does not replace fuel to go back and get it right there for I am done my company is done you will get NO more business from me my employees or my family...

  • Al
      27th of Oct, 2008
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    I agree with your complaints. Iola is by far one of the most challenging Taco Bell's to deal with. In addition to missing things, not giving me the reciept, or giving me someone else's reciept, I have huge ordering problems due to the fact that I'm a vegetarian. I'm quite a traveler and have eaten at Taco Bell in many states (at least 20), and no where but Iola Kansas have I had the Taco Bell workers charge me for substituting beans for meat. When I have attempted to talk with them about the situation or walk them through the process (one chalupa supreme, minus beef, plus beans), they look at me like I am crazy and often rudely tell me that there is no way getting around paying for beans even though they are substituting a cheaper food for a more expensive one. I ask them if its a local policy since I've eaten at other Taco Bells in recent months and they have not charged and they look blankly at me. It's frustrating to not be able to get a meal without complications and polite service.

  • Je
      28th of Nov, 2008
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    I don't completely disagree with your complaint. However. As a previous employee, I will say with great bias that complaints create more pressure for employees. The workload is endless and waiting for customers after you've completed all your work is not allowed. There wasn't much of a moment I had to stand still, and yet effectively do my job. I hope you understand the effects of your complaints about companies. They're terrible places and with barely any respect for customers or employees. The food is cheap. You're eating material I wouldn't even classify as food. Stale bread smothered in cheese. If you find nutrition in the debris of high caloric content, let me know! ty!

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