Taco Bell / incorrect charge for my order

Last night my friend and I went to the Taco Bell nearest to us on Stadium Street in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It was later at night, between 11pm and 12am but I cannot recall the specific time. When we pulled up to the drive thru there was a sign that said, "No lettuce or tomato." The woman who took our order made sure to remind us and we proceeded with our order knowing this. All we ordered was four soft tacos and four hard tacos. She did not tell me what the price was until I pulled up to the window, and it was then that she said I owed $15.60. That seemed a little steep but I had no time to calculate and did not want to hold up anyone behind me especially if I was incorrect. After we pulled off we went home and I went on the Taco Bell website and realized I had been charged almost double for what I ordered. I believe she charged me for supreme tacos which I did not order, and couldn't have if I wanted to given the sign. So I would like to know if there is a refund or credit that I could get because I think it was very wrong and unacceptable how I got charged almost $20 to eat only beef and cheese.

Jun 03, 2018

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