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My husband and I just visited the Taco Bell in Clinton, NC. I ordered the chicken nachos box with sour cream on the side, no pice de galleo, and extra cheese. What I got was a steak nachos box with sour cream on top. As the girl who took the order walked by, we mentioned to her that there wasn't suppose to be sour cream on it. She looked kind of blank and said "Oh, I forgot to say sour cream on the side." Then she acted like we should just accept it -- kind of like - "You mean you don't want to eat it like that?" So my husband just said we'd scrape it off. Then we noticed it was steak instead of chicken. So my husband when up to the same girl to tell her and she basically ignored him. Just said that the slip said steak. Well, her mistake again but she didn't offer to do anything about it.
Then we when to the drink place to get our sodas and noticed a great deal of mold growing round the tray where the excess spills and whatever goes. Totally off putting and disgusting.

  • Updated by Neuse, Aug 02, 2018

    In addition, they begin cleaning the floors well before closing time so customers have to deal with wet floor hazards without any wet floor warnings and the smell of that cleaning solution which is not at all conducive to eating.

Aug 02, 2018

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