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I want to put to highlight. Sadie King. They operate in an unethical business practice. She would agree and push the boundaries every time she was given an opportunity. She is a lying snake. We went back and forth 4 times on the price, terms of payment. 48 hours. Finally once we agreed, I walk all the way to the bank to do a transaction, it was doing half way only for her to say last minute to increase 25% of it. Right in the middle of the teller.
She knows how to push somebody's button. A proper business person wouldn't do stuff like that. I'm telling you, this speaks a lot of volume about this person. Imagine you place a 20k order and paid deposit, she could change her mind the last minute. She add 25% to the final value.
Good grief ! Luckily I have other backup company can deliver to me. So I'm not going with her company or giving her the chance.

Hope this bring sheds of light about this business. There are 100 over company selling the same. Why go with a company that has a problem. If you go ahead, don't tell me I didn't warn you. Last minute

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