1 England, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

I ordered a T shirt as a present with a delivery time of 5 days. 8 Days later I had no contact and followed up being advised that the "were out of stock" - sadly replicating every other review on this site. I was told they were expecting a delivery in 21 days, I therefore requested an immediate refund so that I could purchase the item, no response since then.

This is clearly a firm with limited capital, no stock control and poor customer service. Individuals should avoid dealing with the company as their are clearly one step away from receivership - even the fact that they have to trade under another name gives one cause for concern.

My complaint replicates those which are found across every site on the internet. Is this a rip off, there are certainly cases where people complain about not receiving or recieving the wrong goods - however it would certainly be a case of shady dealing practices given what appears to be a generic response that the T Shirts are not in stock (despite stating that 90% of goods are delivered in 5 days)

Feb 18, 2013

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