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T-Mobile - Valley Mall / mis-leading and false advertisment

1 10845 valley mallEl Monte, CA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 6264488099

very bad experience.

First I want to tell you that customer service reps at this location don't have any experience of what they are selling, including products as well as services. I have been a customer for T-mobile for a little bit more than a year, as I wanted to upgrade my phones and add 2 more lines, I was told by a representative that assisted me that I was going to be able to add the 2 lines to my service but that I needed to purchase the two phones, after she indicated that, she said that if I wanted, I could upgrade the two phone that I had and use the old ones for the 3rd and 4th line. she said if was no problem in doing that but that I need to add $9.99 for each additional line in addition to the plan cost (which I know - as that is what they advertise). I left and returned the following day with my brother to select the two phone that I was going to upgrade and start the new plan with the extra two phones. First the representative (Gloria Panduro) pulled out the phones that we had selected and charged us for them (approx $500.00 for both), which we paid in cash and also credit card, then she contacted someone on the phone to start doing the process and activate the two phones (I did not quietly understood, the reason she was calling some one else, if that is a T-mobile company, they are supposed to do it there). right after we paid for the phones, she said that we couldn't add 2 more lines to the plan, that there was a max of 3 lines per the contract/plan we were signing up. My brother and I got confused, as every thing was set, and all she had to do is activate the phones, and we were told that we needed to sign up for another contract (2 year contract) for the 3rd phone. We said no and we told the rep to cancel every thing, that I was going to stay with the same plan I had before upgrading, she indicated that we need to come back the next day as they were close already (we spent about 2 hours in there from 7:00pm to 9:00pm).
I came back the following day (3rd day) and asked the same rep (Gloria Panduro) that I was going to keep 3 lines only on the new contract, as this was the max of line she told us we could keep, and she said that instead of 3 lines, it was only 2 lines maximum for my plan (family plan). I got upset and asked for refund for the two phone I paid (about $500), I was still going to keep the same plan I had with the two phones, but Gloria Panduro asked a very stuped question: Do you want to cancel the current plan with us? and I said yes as I was very upset for the bad service, then she asked another dumb/stuped question: are you going to get another phone with a differnt company? and I indicated Yes. She said okay and she was going to cancel my plan right away. by the time she was going to give the refund for the phone I had paid the day before, the manager stopped by to authorize the refund and she indicated to the rep that they were going to charge a "restocking fee per phone" of $10.00. the rep turned around and told me that, I explained to the manager that I was not our fault that the information was given to us incorrectly since day one. She said (the manager) its only $10.00, that other company charge $25.00 restocking fee, and I told her that I was not about the money, but about the mistake they did and that we weren't going to pay for it. she looked like she did not care about the mistake, as well as the cancellation of the current service. She returned all my money for the phones, but I was after almost 1 hour in there.
Very bad mis communication from the reps in there, as well as the manager, as they don't know what they are doing or what they offer the customer. they let go about $500.00 plus another plan and the two years of service.

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  • Rh
      13th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    I bought 2 lines and got 2 "my touch slide" phones for free under a Fathers Day promotion that t-mobile had. My boyfriend and I had 2 previous P.H.D. (push here dummy) phones and the transformation into the 21st century was painless due to the reps at the Palmdale Blvd., Palmdale store. Had it not been for Rocio Rubio I would still be using a basic go nowhere do nothing, can find my way out of the closet phone. Associates like Ms. Rubio are an asset to t-mobile and the community. As crazy as it sounds she has made my life easier to manage.I now have a phone, camera, camcorder, computer, GPS and many other applications at my fingertips. What's even .nicer is that I now know how to use them. Ms. Rubio made it easier and painless. You should go to the Palmdale blvd, Palmdale store. They make the difference. Rhonda Hasselfeldt, educated owner of "my touch slide" and sanity

  • Ri
      8th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    Lady if you don't like the service in El Monte then go where it's better. I go to the t-mobile store owned by ritmo-latino wireless and I've had nothing but good experiences there> I've never had a "smart" phone before and I had to learn how to do basic tasks that I didn't even know phones could do. The sales people at the Palmdale Blvd., Palmdale store have been nothing but good to me. I have gone in numerous times asking for help and advice about my phone. I too have now entered the 21st century with the help of the people (Rocio, Richard, Andre and Jose) They have been nothing but kind and know that I purchased the "my touch slide" with the intentions of finding my son Rocky Reese Felsburg from the San Fransisco Bay area, as well as taking a crash course on familiarizing myself with a "smart" phone which Ive had almost no experience with. It can become very daunting and frustating as well to a novice and learnee like myself. The patience and light hearted manner in which they helped me with my most basic of questions even when cash spending customers were been held at bay was a testament to their commitment to their customers even headache ones like myself. In the pursuit and search of my son Rocky Reece my telephone has been invaluable even though there were times when I felt like screaming. Again at the risk of being repetative the tech reps at t-mobile were super. Kudos and thanks to all of them, sincerely Rick Bonamassa

  • Rh
      2nd of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    Once again t-mobile on Palmdale Blvd., Palmdale, CA. comes to the rescue!!! I've been a t-mobile customer since the 2010 Father's Day Promo and I go faithfully and loyally to the same store because it is close to my work and it is convient. I was contacted by a customer service rep back in8/04/10 and I decided to purchase a Web rocket through that service rep. I was mailed the said Web Rocket and had nothing but problems with that item. I was on the phone with Tech support more than the appliance worked and I decided to send the product back. I sent the product back within the prescribed 30 days buyeres remorse and I called to get the Return Authorization Number and sent it back in the same box with all the papers that had come with it. I mailed it back with the pre paid label that had come with the product. I mailed it back on 9/02/10. On 9/30/10 I recieved a bill in the mail stating that I had a balance of 60.19 and that $20.00 was past due. I did not understand how that could be since that was the first bill I had recieved for that product. I went to my usual Palmdale Store and Christina spend about 1 hour with T-mobile reps trying to figure out what the problem was. T-mobile said that the product was still active and that it had not been recieved by them. I assured them that it had indead been returned and they said without them recieving the product I could not even cancel the service. They would not help me. That was all thet could do. I went back to my work where I found the UPS tracking # that I checked with UPS, and they verified that T-mobile had indead recieved the box on 9/08/10 and whom it had been recieved by. So, in essence if I had not been able to find the UPS tracking # with the verification I would have been liable for the complete cost of the Web Rocket and the service fee's. I went back to my trusty Palmdale t-mobile store where Andre Esparza spend 30 minutes on the phone with a service rep and got most of my problem ironed out. They now cannot dispute that the package was indeed recieved and hopefully adjustments will be made. Had it not been for Christine, Richard, and Andre I would be completely crazy with what to do other than pay the monies that I cannot afford.! I feel that T-mobile back East would have taken advantage of me and the situation had it not been for the UPS tracking # that was finally found and my tireless Palmdale reps that I have come to rely on more and more. They saved me almost a weeks pay and my sanity over this situation. I wouln't go to another T-mobile store for anything! This store has done so very much for me it's unbelievable. Once again thank you T-mobile Palmdale Blvd, Palmdale, CA. signed, Rhonda and Rick

  • No
      2nd of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes

    I went into the tmobile store on palmdale looking for service, and was told I have good service where I live, so I purchased two phones (over $500) and when I got home they unfortunately didn't get any signal at all. I had no choice to return the phones to the store and was told that they couldn't refund me my money because if it is over $300 it has to be done by tmobile corporate. This was almost a month ago and after multiple times of speaking with management of both Ritmo Latino wireless and Tmobile they both say that the other entity is responsible to refund me, and I am out over $500 and having to file complaints with every government department I can think of to try to get the money that is obviously owed to me, which I have the receipt for saying the returned phones were in good condition and I am owed the full amount as a refund. How many others have they ripped off just because they can?

  • Rh
      2nd of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes

    I had a problem with the same store because I too did not get good reception on a product from t-mobile. I took it back before the 30 days buyer remorse deadline was due and they gave my money back with no problem what-so-ever. The bad thing that did happen is when the returned item went to the main warehouse the warehouse said that they did not get it, so when I came up with my receipt from U.P.S. and told them the name of their employee that had signed for it they came out looking real stupid. As far as that t-mobile store not doing what you felt they should have done, I am pretty sure if you go and explain it to them politely you might be able to get this straightened out. I know you have to be very frustrated to be out of that kind of money, but seriously try it again and see what happens. Someone will have to give you back your money and they have always been very good about that. Try talking to Richard or Rocio and go from there. I'll give you a little clue though, if you live out past 40th st. East, your reception willget worse and worse as you go east from there. Good luck with that!!!

  • Jo
      20th of Sep, 2013
    0 Votes

    I know how challenging it is to be a representative at T-mobile, I no longer work for the palmdale store, but my everyday dedication was to the customers 100% and I know I try and thats the reason I have been there for over 4 years. Plus been knowledgable of the plans and products for me was a must, because I did not want to sound stupid or give misinformation. Anyways long story short, I now moved out and found a better company I work in. I did enjoy working at the Palmdale Store!

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