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T-Mobile To Go Customer Service / tmobile customer service lies and harrasement

1 United States

I am VERY disappointed in T-Mobile's customer service representatives and their lack of knowledge and usefulness. I had an invalid call on October 29, 2008. It was two 3 hour calls back to back so, it charged it roughly about $52. I had around $200 on October 28th and now I have around $2, I don’t make calls frequently. I called on that same day and spoke to a representative who said I was going to receive the credit-back within 30 minutes. Thinking that T-Mobile had great customer service, I believed him and didn't check my account balance on the next day. On December 20, 2008. I get a automatic call stating that I have a low balance and when I checked it, it said $2! So, I immediately called T-Mobile and the representative said that she and the supervisor would look in to it and listen to my conversion with the representative to see if there was any such promise. She said she would call me back within 2 hours to let me know the status. So, I wait for 2 hours and its already 12 AM so i go to sleep at 3AM. And today, I find out that there was no credit. So, I just called T-Mobile again. And, this extremely rude representative (Name: AJ Ref ID: 72441) was rude and had a very bad attitude. I tried explaining my problem but he would cut in before I finished my sentence. I told him that it was October 29 and instantly he asked why I didn't call sooner like November 1, November 2, etc... without giving me a chance to answer. He tells me, “You have time to make so many voice calls and you don’t have time to call T-Mobile? We’re 24/7.” I told him I don’t make many phone calls frequently. Then he tells me, “WHAT? You ALWAYS make voice calls!! You made one today and yesterday. Okay sir. I can’t help you.” He then said that the representative from last night didn’t leave a notification. I told him to check my 6 hour call and i explained that it was invalid because the phone was on for 6 hours talking to a 1800 number with no one on the line. He told me, "You have a sidekick phone. It's impossible for any sidekick user to not use their phone for 10 minutes, let alone 6 hours. Are you telling me that you didn’t even look at the phone for 6 hours? It’s impossible sir." That rude statement was extremely mean and he tried to say his explanation slowly thinking i was an idiot that couldn’t understand. I asked for his supervisor and he kept telling me, "The supervisor can't help you, No credit will be given to you." I still wanted to speak to the supervisor. He wouldn’t for 2 minutes. I finally was on hold for the supervisor then he comes back saying the supervisor isn’t there and he checked my account and the only notification I had was from last night, that a representative would check my call from October 29 with the representative and see if he did promise me. AJ said that this notification wasn’t there when I first spoke to him and now he's saying its there. I think you should rethink about hiring people in your call center because people like AJ could send a customer like me to another service. The $52 credit that is mine isn’t worth the stress i have to deal with. And I also think ALL representatives should be REQUIRED to leave a notification of what they did BEFORE they go to the next customer on the line. Although the representatives say they do, they don’t. I’ve spoken to 4 representatives regarding this issue and all of them have lied to me. I am REALLY frustrated at T-Mobile and the attitude AJ was giving me.


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