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T-Mobile / tmobile's defective handsets, poor customer service and negligence to resolve existing issues

1 Philadelphia, PA, United States Review updated:

Tmobile is a total rip off and i along with others are filing complaints with the bbb and ftc and you should too! Terrible customer service, they talk to you as if you're not the one putting out the money! Poor reception and coverage! multiple defective phones! And each rep you speak with explains something differently! Tmobile has got to be stopped! I am writing about the ongoing lack of support from tmobile. I recently purchased a phone within less than a 6 month period from tmobile (tmobile shadow) which was having ongoing defective issues. Tmobile did very little to resolve the issues and all they would do is send out another phone. overall i received what they would call a "multiple exchanges" and so a rep i spoke with suggested that I TRY the RIM blackberry pearl device. When I received the blackberry it too had a lot of issues, more dropped calls, terrible volume, poor features, less features, lines n the screen, the back light barely said on, tiny font although it has been adjusted, poor response, and it keeps erasing data saved by itself. I then called tmobile back only a dozen times to still be told different things. One RUDE rep noted my account that I would have to deal with the phone I DID NOT ORIGINALLY PURCHASE because TMOBILE HAS A DEAL WITH THE RESTOCKING COMPANY. but i DIDN'T MAKE A DID WITH THEM! NOR WAS I INFORMED THAT THE EXCHANGE WOULD BE MADE PERMANENT! Some reps at TMOBILE would not help me because i DIDN'T have the account holder's password at hand but gave my stalker ex boyfriend the name on my account along with other information! He couldn't even verify the account! Now tmobile is trying to charge me a restocking fee of 298 for the already purchased shadow because i returned the RIM blackberry instead! How is it that I am not only paying for tmobile's negligence but still have to stick with the rim's eye squinting features?!

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  • Jo
      19th of Jan, 2009
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    okay okay.. first off.. you purchased a t-mobile shadow.. a phone that completely BOMBED from t-mobile.. the phone sucks and if you were smart enough to look at reviews you would have seen the same thing.
    secondly, yes.. they will continue to send you the same phone.. because it is the phone you purchased, they shouldn't have to send you a different/better phone.
    thirdly, the blackberry pearl is one of the best phones t-mobile has came out with to date.. and if you were having problems with the screen brigtness, change it, font can be changeed, and if it is deleting saved messages, then you need to figure out how to work your phone.. the blackberry's will delete call logs, messages, and other things if you device memory is too low.. quit storing everything on the phone and go buy a micro-sd card.
    i'm tired of people ### about t-mobile.. you just need to be smart and know how to work your phone and work the company.
    guaranteed if you went to another company and asked customers there is always people that say the same ### about the other company.

  • Ne
      17th of Mar, 2009
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    The person that is talking about how the blackberry pearl is good is an idiot. This is by far the worst phone I have ever gotten because it has so many defects. I haven't downloaded anything nor do I store a whole bunch of messages on it. First off my previous sim card did not transfer anything over to the blackberry "smart phone". Next is has problems with text messaging. It will not let me text message and the only way I can text message out is to forward a previous text message and then erase everything and then write my message. The next message only worked for a few days before it broke. It already had many dropped calls and as of right now I can not call or receive any phone calls or messages. You also can not send picture messages on this phone which is gay. Sometimes it sends me messages that I have already received except it is in fragments of the previous message. Yes I have paid my bill and yes I do pay for text messages and picture messages. This phone is a waste of money and I thought an expensive phone would be reliable. Ha don't waste your money because you will see a lot of problems.

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