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T-Mobile / Blackberry Curve / terrible customer service and faulty equipment

1 Chicago, IL, United States
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Hello all,

My name is Porcha and I have been a T-Mobile customer for three years. I have never been so disappointed in T-Mobile and their customer service as much as I have been this past month. I have two lines on my account. I have no need for the second line on my account anymore; however I did not want to pay the cancellation fee to cancel the line. So I did the worst possible thing anyone could do... I let someone use it thinking that I would get reimbursed the money for the bill. Of course I never received any money so I asked T-Mobile if they could suspend the line because at that point the phone was stolen. They did, and I was a happy camper. Well a couple months later I noticed that my bill was twice as much as it normally is. So I contacted customer care and found out that I was charged an early termination fee because the line could only stay suspended for a short period of time before it was cancelled. To get out of paying such a high bill I asked the rep if she could put the line on a cheap rate plan, thinking that I would rather pay a few extra bucks every month rather than pay the early termination fee. Well, I received a text message this morning asking me to contact T-Mobile regarding my account. Come to find out... the old phone is back on and someone has been using it!! And on top of that, the stolen phone went over the minutes and T-Mobile wants me to pay all of the overage. Well, if my phone was stolen then why would the rep activate the SAME SIM card instead of activating a new one since she knew the original phone was stolen and since she knew I wasn't going to be using the phone anyway! So now I have to pay a whooping $503.22 for this month when my bill is normally around $170. I don't work for T-Mobile to know to tell the rep to change the SIM card so no one else can use it. She should have mentioned it when I had the line restored. I don't think I should be responsible for the overage charges since T-Mobile knew the phone was stolen. They can call me to notify me when they want some money but can't pick up the phone when they notice my account is UNUSUALLY AND EXTREMELY high. I can't afford to pay this bill, and I don't think I should have to pay for the mistakes of the customer care rep who did not fully inform me. For all I know SHE could be using the phone as a burnout since she knew I wasn't going to be using it.

On top of that, I recently did a warranty exchange on a blackberry curve because my trackball stopped working. Well, they sent me a refurbished phone that didn't work! I called customer care to tell them about the problems I was experiencing with the device and they wanted me to download a software upgrade to the phone. First of all, I am a little tech savvy to know that the upgrade IS NOT going to fix a broken phone! The phone they sent me was broken and they need to send me a new one. PERIOD. Of course I no longer had the USB cable to complete the upgrade, so I had to purchase another one that cost me $21.32. All for a phone that was broken in the first place. My time is valuable, and I have not had the time to call T-Mobile back to finish troubleshooting my blackberry. In the meantime, I celebrated my 21st birthday, and couldn't even take any pictures for memories because the camera on my phone doesn't work. MY phone drops all of my calls and I hear this weird static noise even when I'm not on a call. Sounds like a bad phone to me!

I do not know what to do at this point. I am to the point of tears because I think that T-Mobile is not being fair to me and I pay them so much money every month. At this point I just want to cancel my service and tell them to kiss my backside because I shouldn't be this frustrated over a cell phone. A device that is supposed to simplify my life has made me very stressed. I hope if anyone cares they will respond to this and help me rectify my account. If not I will be taking my business to a provider who does care!!

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