T-Mobil Rate Plan / Misleading Rate Plans

1 Corona, CA, United States
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I went to get the New plan that they have to offer, $50 a month unlimited packet month to month. They told me that my first bill would be a little higher then normal because of the activation, the bill keeps increasing, from $50 a month now its at $71. I have two lines so i pay$142. they mislead me with the plan that was offer to what i have now. i was to pay $50 plus $10 for phone which would be $60 per phone plus taxes $125. What they put me in is a 2 year contract plus pay for the phone at full price, and be tied to a 2 year contract. I was only paying $50 with Boost Mobil. $ 20 dollar was ok, so that's why, I moved to T-mobil because of the program that was offered. now to cancel they want me to pay 150 per phone and $100 per phone to cancel that is a total of $500, this has happen to 3 people that I know.

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