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1 Belden, MS, US

On 3/6 I filled up with gas and went ahead and got a cash wash for when the days were nice.. and yesterday was the expiring date on it and yesterday was a beautiful day so when I went to get my car wash.. I had to wait for others to be done and when I got up there it wouldn't take my car wash code: 79930... so I backed up and when inside and was ask what time did I get the gas and I looked at my receipt and it said 4:41 and this was 4:50. I had no idea is when out at the same time you got your gas... (two it doesn't state that on the ticket)
I was there at that time.. and I had to wait but either way.. I want a refund or my car wash please.
Its not hard to go to another gas station and start getting my gas and other needs at a store... and sorry to say I will if this doesn't get resolved. I work to hard for my money to throw it away.
So again I ask that you give me a refund or a new car wash code.
Thank you

Tmart #10 1718 McCullough Blvd
invoice/ticket E/9399976
auth 046084
total on ticket was 39.06

If you need more info please let me know.

Julie Smith
3128 Old Belden Circle
Belden MS 38826

Mar 21, 2017

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