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Systems & Services Technologies / excessive phone calls

1 4315 Pickett Rd.St Joseph, MO, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 1-800-789-8001

Excessive phone calls. We were late on our bill by one month and they called 5-13 times a day. Sometimes it was an automated service that would ask you to please hold and when you held they would hang up on you. You would talk to someone occasionally and let them know when you could pay it and they would still call back over and over again in the same day. I know that this is in violation of the fair debt collection practices act.

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  • Ll
      3rd of Oct, 2008
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    Systems & Services Technologies - Did not send me a bill.
    Systems & Services Technologies
    4315 Pickett Rd.
    St. Joseph
    United States

    First they didnot send me a bill. They called and said I was late in my payment. I sent a check then but when I finally got a bill, the did not register my payment. Now they want me to pay double.

  • De
      13th of Feb, 2009
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    I am having the same problem with SST. They never seem to have a working website. It is always down. Over the past week I have been on hold for half an hour two separate times. I just called, attempting to make a payment, and they hung up on me. When I finally did get through the woman sounded like she just woke up. This is the second month in a row I have had problems.

  • Kr
      16th of Feb, 2009
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    I came in to get a look at where my account sits. And the website is down. Its frustrating and I was a month behind and got the same phone calls. When I moved I did not give my address or phone because of the harrassment offered over the phone. I know they understand the type of economy we are in and due to economic hardship is why I was a month late at the time. The very sad part is I went on to just get a rough idea about what my balance is so I could pay my loan off however their website was down. I was to scared to call because then they will want a phone number and address I thought I could make a good judgement call by using their website and if I was not able to pay off the entire amount I was going to set up a direct debit for my payments and pay off the amount that was owed. Their loss since they cant run a business that is non threatening. I do have to say I delt with a Crystal at SST at one time who was very helpful and kind and worked with me. I miss the non threatening relationship and the compassion she once showed.

  • Pm
      4th of Mar, 2009
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    I admit I defaulted on some credit card debt.
    The approach by the collection agencies was horrible.
    I have consulted attorneys and have come up with a letter that puts them off.
    I was just contacted by the Northland Group.
    I sent them the letter via certified mail.
    Guess what ?
    Within 4 days I received a letter from Northland Group saying they were ceasing all collection efforts and I should contact the card issueing company for further information.
    The letter is a mix of asserting your rights, warning them about any negative credit reporting, requesting all communication be in writitng (no telephone calls!), and threatening them with severe legal action should they tranish my record or violate the law.
    It is one hum-dinger of a letter.
    I can't believe that it worked !@!

  • Ca
      1st of Jun, 2009
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    I too have been trying to call their 800-789-8001 for three days at all day time hours. The phone does not even ring. I need my payoff balance because I want nothing more to do with these people. It is unconscionable that this is an actual business allowed to continue doing business. I bet if I missed a car payment I would hear from them. I intend to call my local congressperson and send them a letter explaining these atrocities. I don't even know if my check is being added to my account. No wonder we as a country are the shape we are in. Remember kind customer service people?

  • No
      9th of Jun, 2009
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    Systems & Services Technologoes (SST) has harressed my wife and family numerious times on my home telephone number. When my payment was only three days past due they began to call so I made arrangements to make my payment on a certain day and they accepted. The arrangement was well within the 30 day late period. After the arrangement was made, SST on a daily basis calls my home at least 15-20 times a day, uses vulgar language and makes sexual commits to my wife while other employees laugh in the background. I am fed up and I will be in the process of taking legal action againt SST. They have spoken to my wife regarding the account in which she is not listed on the loan nor did they have permission to speak with her regading the account. I hope any others that are having problems with SST will also seek legal action against them and also report them to the Federal Trade Commission.

  • Ja
      1st of Sep, 2009
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    This company is unbelievable. I had an auto loan through E-loan that was a direct debit to my checking account. E-loan transferred all of their auto loan handling to SST Inc. in October. My loan was paid off in October and I was sent the documents showing the loan paid in full and the title to the vehicle. Now a negative mark has appeared on my credit report from SST Inc. for some mysterious $25.01 amount. I was never contacted about any unpaid amounts and the account was a direct debit so how could there possibly be an unpaid amount. When I contact SST they tell me I have to contact NCO which is a collection agency to which they turned over the account. NCO tells me they have nothing to do with posting on the Credit Bureau's and the posting came from SST. Since it clearly shows SST as the source of the negative information on the Credit Bureau's, this is obviously the case. When I contact SST Inc. they tell me that no one can speak to me about the account. I asked for a supervisor and was told she was out of the office. I asked for her name so that I could write to get this cleared and was told they could not give out her name. How can a company justify not allowing a customer to speak to anyone and then not even giving out the persons name. I am contacting all of the Credit Reporting agencies and will direct them to this site as proof the SST Inc. engages in these practices regularly and that their information is fraudulent and unreliable.

  • Ki
      10th of Sep, 2009
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    My Husband & I had a vehicle loan through SST and our vehicle was paid off in early July. We had our account set up on Allotment through the military and noticed that an extra payment had been taken from our account after the truck had been paid off. My husband called SST the first of August and they informed him that "yes" we overpaid and that the refund money would be in the mail in just a day or so. Well it is not going into the middle of Sept & no money and noone in the office can get their stories right. Between my husband & I we have called the company 20+ times in the past 2 weeks only to get several stories that either the money went out the end of July..or we havent sent it yet..or we arent sure what the hold up is. I have been hung up on several times during the process of tranferring me to Payment Processing in the hopes that maybe someone in that department can tell us where our $600. overpayment might be. We have recently moved out of state due to military transfer, they have had our new address since the beginning of this mess as well as an address change form into the post office. We are in desperate need of this money as we have 3 children and the public school system in our area requires fees for our teenager to continue his education in his "required" courses. There is obviously a lack of communication in the SST offices. When you owe them money they call and harrass Immediatly but when they owe you money they take their sweet time and refuse to give you answers. My husband and I are on the verge of taking this to the BBB and to JAG if need be. This is wrong and unlawful to take money out of an account and not return the money.

  • Al
      10th of Sep, 2009
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  • Wo
      13th of Oct, 2009
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    I as well have had problems with SST. Last year being a single mom I fell behind a little bit on my payments. I called them and made arrangements to pay my past due charges when I received my income taxes, they said we will note your account but calls will continue until its caught up. They reposesed my car 5 days before I told them I would pay them! Which in turn cost me all kinds of extra money!

  • Pr
      23rd of Oct, 2009
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    I recently refinanced my car loan with Navy Federal to get away from this company. They constantly harassed me when my account was more than five days past due. I ceased to answer my cell phone, so they looked my name up on some database and obtained my house phone number. So to eliminate this annoyance, I told them that they had the wrong telephone number when they called and they removed my telephone number out of their system. Throughout the history of my loan, they charged me with random $45 field calls although my account was not past due along with other ridiculous charges. Please refinance your loan to save your sanity!

  • Wa
      26th of Oct, 2009
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    I'm not the least bit surprised to see so many negative comments regarding this company. Unfortunately, I too now have first hand experience regarding the piss poor customer service extended by these people. My car loan is serviced by SST and when I realized that my Oct payment would not be paid by the 1st of the month, I called them to inquire of the grace period and of the amount of the late fee. I was told there would not be one, only daily interest charges in the amount of $0.72. I was uneasy with that info so I called again five days later and was told the same thing by a different person. Beginning Oct. 1st, SST called my home several times a day leaving messages for me to contact them. The calls did not stop until they received my payment on the 13th. When I received the statement for my Nov. payment, the first thing I noticed was a $25 late charge! I called them and was told that even though I may have called and asked about late charges (they confirmed having a record of my two calls), they were not responsible for any incorrect information given by their "customer service" reps and I was responsible for paying the late fee. I mentioned my exemplary repayment record and asked for a courtesy waiver based on my repayment history. I was told that they do not reverse charges. Frankly, I was shocked to hear that they don't give a hoot about their customers...regardless of how good they may be. I have less than a year to go before the car is paid off, but I will be looking into getting a loan at my credit union to pay these idiots off and get rid of them!

  • Iw
      17th of Mar, 2010
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    i think you are all a bunch of ###s you signed the contract and you couldnt make the pmnts now youre all a bunch of deadbeats that are just trying to get out of your leagal responsibility you wanted. thats your fault and the agent you are all talking to... ok ;ets put it like this its a [censored]ng job that they applied for and got so now they go in everyday and have to listen to you bit@# and gripe about your sad miserable lifes. listen the economy isnt the reason ou cant make your payments because look at all the average joes that make there payments and never miss one they prioritise. oh but i have kids you might say...thats your fault rubbers do wonders until you are financially ready for that obligation. i have a kid and still pay my bills. yeah i may have less for myself but after the bills are done i take care of everything else. oh but i have a house payment.. others might say too bad if you cant afford somnething dont get it either buy used cars or live in a smaller house you fat lazy losers

  • Fe
      30th of Apr, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Uh, yeah, i work there

    Your ### company has NO right to do the unethical practices that you do to consumers. Many of us did NOT sign ANYTHING with SST but our accounts were fraudulently sold to them and you get out of control with 'servicing' the acquired accounts. Get off your high horse and start being ethical and do the right thing. Admit you're just a Junk Debt Buyer or Collection Agency. Everyone should just stop paying on your accounts and flood your company for validation of debt letters and demand original agreements FROM the ORIGINAL CREDITORS with THEIR ORIGINAL CONTRACTS where they were NOT ripping people off. Everyone should make your precious SST company prove they/you have ANY right whatsoever to collect anything!!! Then we can stop the harassing phone calls, ridiculous interest, bogus fees and start counting violations from FDCPA, FCRA, FCBA, TCPA, individual state laws supported by case law ANY OTHER SUPPORTING LAWS THAT HELP CONSUMERS-----NOT YOUR PIECE OF @#$% company. Your not even worth the drool on a sidewalk from a dog! Oh yeah, maybe you should go back to school and learn how to spell!

  • Ro
      8th of May, 2010
    -1 Votes

    SST and NCO are "financial operatives" backed by the government. The bankers own this too. Wake up people. Don't be intimidated by these ###s. They are crashing the economy on purpose. Don't pay them anything at all. Read ALEX JONES for God's sake and save your sanity for better things.

  • Di
      19th of Jun, 2010
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    I had a huge dispute while finalizing a GAP claim for a theft of a vehicle through SST, Inc. Customer service in their "front end" department was horrible. Getting a hold of a supervisor was near impossible until I mentioned I had my attorney on hold with me. At that point, I got someone on the line and they were of no use to me. They kept saying I would a need a "court order" to obtain copies of documents which were already rightfully/legally mine to obtain WITHOUT a "court order." Customer Service Rep's would give out false info/promising info to my account and not document any such phone call conversation which led to having the recorded phone call conversation pulled which SST, Inc. also "lost." No one gave out the same information; it was always one story/senerio after the next. Never did any story add up. When asked to be promptly called back, no one did. A supervisor told me once (when I noticed an error on the account and asked the interest to stop acurring), that I would "have to PAYOFF the entire account in order to FREEZE to the account." Seriously? How and why would you FREEZE account if it's PAID OFF? When I made a settlement payment, I was told it was accepted. After 2 weeks, SST, Inc. applied my $2000.00 settlement payment, cashed the check, and then told me my settlement was DENIED! Of course, no notes were documented internally and no one could find that phone call converstation of when I called to make this legal arrangement. To agree with every other consumer complaint above, I was harrassed by phone calls 3 to 7 times a day, every day. No one would read the notes as to why the Front End department was calling me, no one was consistent (it is a very small collection's office and I spoke with everyone at least 5 times from time the theft claim began to the end), supervisors were never available or "always on break or at lunch", no phone calls were ever returned, supervisors would put me on MUTE when I called in to discuss my situation and the follow-up on the account.

    This company is absolutely terrible! Will never do business again and strongly urge others to re-finance (mainly do a 100% down plan "cash only"). This company has currently and not correctly reported with the BBB 194 complaints in the last 36 months. To get this company shut down or highy investigated into, report with the BBB, write a letter to credit bureau's, and your local news station.

  • Ss
      28th of Jun, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Yup.. they are [censor]! They have always acted like a collection agency and unwilling to work with anyone! I stopped paying them in May and they have already reported 90 days past due on my CR. I have paid consistently on a $2500 debt for 5 yrs and it is now over $3000. I have not used the card in years! It doesn't make any sense except they unethically charge 30% interest! I'm done!

    Sent letter off to stop calls, prove/validate the debt and invoke arbitration rights as per the original agreement. Haven't heard a peep about proof of debt but with the 70+ documented and recorded calls in violation of the FDCPA and the TCPA, I'd say I have quite a few thousand dollars to sue on!! I hope to make them pay within the year!!

  • Ro
      30th of Jun, 2010
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    I as well have had problems with SST; at the time of payoff this account it was assumed by a third party, I sold my car to Vista Motor Inc in Florida. This is no longer my account. The original Loan was with E-Loan. The replacement payment missed billing cut off date because was mailed to E-Loan but E-Loan sold the loan to SST Inc and Vista Motor NA send the payoff payment to E-Loan the payoff check was send back to Vista Motor.
    It took awhile and visits to the dealer and many phone calls to SST Inc to correct this problem but they report me to the Credit Bureau's, with a 30 days late. I already called but SST doesn’t care about my Credit Report or other issues. I dispute the problem with the CB and SST reported once again the account was 30 day late. I know that this is in violation of the fair debt collection practices act.

  • Tr
      18th of Aug, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Prime Example I WORK THER GUY! You HAVE so made our case for how stupid and rude you are. I guess your company will be somebody when they have no clients and nothing but cars! You are too smart. Helping to make our case so much easier. It's going to be funny when we all start some huge [censor] lawsuit and you loose your job then who will be crying! THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR MAKING OUR CASE! Everyone needs to be putting paperwork in order and I am speaking with an attorney on the demand letters they have sent and other things and I will report back on the stance of the class action lawsuite available. We'll talk soon. GOOD LUCK WORK THERE GUY! Get a life and maybe you need to find a good wife you seem and sound like trash. I bet your son will be proud... Professional Junk Collector. Bring it on! didn't your momma ever tell you becareful what you write..

  • Ss
      18th of Aug, 2010
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    Please keep us posted with what your attorney says and what happens in your case!

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