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Syndicate Bank - J.C. Road Branch, Bangalore / Horrible and corrupt staff

1 India

(August 2007)

I went to India during summer holidays. I wanted to deposit 15000 Rs in one of my relatives account for an immediate assistance. Found nearest branch of Syndicate bank on J.C. Road Bangalore. The bank looked shabby. After entering bank, I filled up a deposit form and headed for counter. A middle aged man said he cannot do it since it is lunch time. He asked me to come after 3p.m. I requested him that I am a tourist and it wouldn't be possible to come back. However it was not a lunch time, a person ahead me carried out a transaction with great difficulty as I could see and bank was functioning. He then asked me to see another clerk by name Pushpak Rani, she gave me other reason that- at present computer systems are not functioning so she cannot do deposit. I said there is nothing wrong with computer, she could still deposit money. But she rudely and profusely reply that "can't you see?"

She was mad and behaved as if she is my master and I am her slave. I told I need to report manager. She said go ahead and did not help me on my transaction. I straight away headed to manager's cabin whose name is Venkatesh Mannari. I asked him is this way your staff working and that is how they are trained? He said those staff were tired and they wanted to have rest. Rather reprimanding or taking any action, he started ranting in favor of Pushpak Rani. He took no efforts in correcting the problem, rather he himself took money from me and made the transaction on computer. I found it was difficult for him to make her work or to react to situation to maintain integrity of bank.

I presume Mr. Venkatesh -bank manager was probably scared of taking any action against that middle aged lady, or probably he would have been in such terms where he was not able to act or reprimand that rude and arrogant lady. I questioned manager if this is how you are ruining country's future with such low level work standard- no one is going to trust your bank. Corruption is so badly gone into Indian bureaucracy specially people who are protected by govt;s secured job system who are born to rule and exploit public and their resources, even being public servant. No wonder India couldn't develop for first 50 years of independence due to such corrupt , arrogant work force who only meant personal luxury and lavish lifestyle by whatever means.

This type of government or public sector servants in India have really ruined country's progress, development. Even the Bank manager was helpless and he was raving his support for that lady, for reasons best known to him.

When I called him, he refused to give bank's phone number or email id. As such bureaucracy which has ruined country's growth for nearly 5 decades have really gone crazy with reservation based jobs and over job security given. No matter whatever crime they commit their job is intact till then public will continue to suffer at their own cost. For a while I thought India has changed but still government servant, police, customs, sales dept, excise officers and other government fed pigs are eating this country's future.


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