Sylvin Silla / Deadbeat dad and husband

SYLVIN SILLA is currently residing in San Diego, CA. He is originally from Gonaïves, Haiti. He attends San Diego Mesa College. He got married in March of 2015 for a green card. He has a newborn child that he doesn't want to take care of because of his immaturity. SYLVIN SILLA abandoned his family because he couldn't get a green card through his wife. He is working in health care agencies without an employment card. He currently doesn't have a status and will be on child support for not providing for his child and being in her life. Don't be fooled by this evil boy he is very manipulative. He drives a reddish color four door car that he rents from a company called "Dirt Cheap Car Rentals " in San Diego, CA.
He's dark skin, very skinny, short about 5'4", hair cut, and sleeps in that car in a park by City Height, San Diego, CA. He is a bum...he pawned his wife 65 inch television and Apple laptop for money and never got it back. He has his family items in a storage and won't pay it because he doesn't want to handle the responsibilities. He rather his wife and child lose everything. He's controlling and stuck in his Haitian ways. He considered an illegal immigrate right now...he doesn't have a status and he's working with an unauthorized employment card.

Sylvin Silla

Nov 28, 2016

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