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I submit a resume in .First of all I had a call form rahul kumar that guy said .we had a job in canada hotels, but u want to pay money RS.4500 . I PAY the amount by banking system .Another day new number are coming to my phone that all are asking to pay second amount for verfying for your doucument.Suddenly I have a doubt about them guys, cheating for money.Finally I made a mistake .

Feb 04, 2015
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      Feb 13, 2015

    hi, i am here to share my foolish experience with every one i have submitted my resume in, naukri .com .after few days i received a call from info, offering a job, sorry saying that i am already selected for the job, first a lady named jyothi spoke to me that they can provide job in pune and chennai in reputed company, i have searched in internet about the company, i got some information and agreed to join in chennai company, after a few min they called again saying that i have to pay 2500 to reserve the job, i paid it. the very next day i received a call from himanshu member of shine telling that my documents need to be verified and they will verify it with central govt and it will be useful through out your carrier, they demanded 3500, i paid it.the next day i receive a call again informing about a phone interview will be conducted and you have to be prepared, the best comic part is some idiot among them have conducted a phone interview, ...and here is the result of that idiotic interview ... i performed so well that they are ready to pay 26, 000, for conforming job i have to pay 7500, which is refundable after a video cal interview, they gave the date of feb 17 2015, again i paid in hope of getting a job, today they called and asked sorry begged me to pay 10500 as company is preparing my joining letter they will sent it by courier, sorry a gate-pass the company is demanding not them, company which i am going to joining is demanding money ...again i paid ...just after a few hours when i call back to them they gave me a shock...their phones were switched off ...during my call i repeatedly asked them several questions as every one do...y should i pay when i am selected, rahul kumar account not the shine account, is your company true, when was it started, how many employee are there in the company which i was selected for this question the answer was it is confidential mam we can't disclose the information, i asked them how can i believe you, if i wont pay what will happen, when will you refund the money, for all the questions answer was trust us we will definitely pay back your money after your video call interview, we will send a cheque along with joining order just after 2 days .for making me believe in them himanshu the person who was dealing my account gave his personal no also ie...[protected], and address of their company, it is in delhi, noida .when their phones are not connecting i got a doubt i directly called to the company in which they are appointing me, they told that they are not hiring any one and all this is fake, and they dont have any HR in their hearing that i just broke down, my parents just wanted to see me happy they paid the money just because i believed in this, they are ok with this incidence, they supported me ...but i cant excuse myself, i have done a biggest mistake in my life, i have lost totally 25000, and my parents belief on me and my words which is most imp...they not only cheated me by taking money but also through hurting my parents and my feelings...plz if any one have any idea how to catch them plz tell me are their company account number [protected], name rahul kumar ifsc code 0006604, branch gurgaon,, their ph no are [protected] (recieved msg through hike), [protected], [protected], [protected].plz plz friends dont believe in this idiots they will speak very politely and beg money dont become fools plz plz plz...and help in finding this cheaters ...

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