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Swoopos / scam or un-ethical

1 TX, United States Review updated:

I hope this information would be reaching as many people as possible.
Please be aware of the techniques of swoopos company used for their bussines, first of all people have to buy bids at .75 USA, every auction start at 1 bid or .01 USA. auction would not end until there is no more bidders, every time a person bid it will increment 15 seconds the end of the auction (also, this could be suspicios that the program could be bidding by itself, base on the number of hits (bids) that it detects very easy to program). They don't allow the user's (register or un-register) to chat/communicate inside or outside the auction there reason is simple if people undertand the numbers behind the auction and the amount of money they are getting for their auctions, people will inmediatly stop using this services.

So, here are the mathematical numbers please use the following link for this ended auction

Item Nintendo DS Black --> Retail Price $169 USA

This item close at $69.30 bids "Every bid is equal to .01 USA and it cost $.75 USA per bid then

The number of bids are equal to --> 69.30 * 100 (100 cents per dollar) =6, 930 bids
The amount of money collected by swoopos due to number of bids --> 6, 930 bids * .75 USA cents per bid = $5, 197.50 USA dollars
The total amount collect by swoopos due to bids + final price of auction --> $69.30 (final price) + $5, 197.50 bids = $5, 266.80 USA Dollars

How, as you could see the winner was able to save $100 USA from the original cost (that's not completly true because how many times did he/she bid in the auction. To cover the cost of $169 (DSI) they need 226 bids). SWOOPOS WAS ABLE TO TAKE A PROFIT OF $5, 097.80 USA DOLLARS OR WAS ABLE TO PROFIT 30 TIMES THE COST OF THE ARTICLE.

Also, you would be able to see some auctions were swoopos could lost money, but I believe they manipulate these auction to bring more users into their scam, becasuse I being watchin these site for some time by now and never being able to see any transaction were they don't make at least 10 times the cost of the product.

So, I hope that you could read this and forward as many people as you can to try to stop these type of un-ethical business .

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