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This site is a scam

Complaint Rating:  89 % with 388 votes
89% 388
This site is an auction site where you bid on the specified items, you will never win!!! I bid and bid on items numerous times first i bid before the time ran out and the bid never registered thus losing the item and another time bid hundreds of pounds trying to win an item until my money had run out and as soon as it did the item sold. This site should be avoided at all costs they will they will take your money off you and you will have absolutely nothing to show for it... Please listen and tell as many people as you can to stay away from these scammers or lose your money remember www.swoopo.co.uk use and lose!!!
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N  13th of Sep, 2008 by    +1 Votes
Swoopo web site is a scam site.you never win anything.I spent 70 dollars bidding for coffe bean and i didn`t get it.Most of the auction are manipulate from their own people
N  13th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes
Swoopo web site is a scam site.You never win anything.I spent 70 dollars bidding for coffe bean and i didn`t get it.Most of the auction are manipulate from their own people
A  13th of Sep, 2008 by    +1 Votes
Swoopo is a scam.
A  14th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes
Yes this swoopo site is pure rubbish, as other people say you will never win so drop out now while u dont lose all your money on stupid bids.How they manage to get away with it in the first place i could see when i bought my first 50 bids that i made a mistake, oh well ill learn from it.
I will tell all my friends and family to avoid at all cost they to will pass the message on. Hope no one has lost a lot of money on it do not go there.
A  15th of Sep, 2008 by    +1 Votes
Once I saw that you have to buy "bids"
then i know its a fake

but thanks for starting this thread

People avoid this like the plague
A  15th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes
I was 99.99% sure this place was a scam when I saw the ad and the fake page of some guy winning a Wii for $25. And I just thought it was a scam to get page traffic!

They charge you to place bids. LMAO. That is a ballsy scam. They should be shut down immediately by the FTC.

Glad this page shows up high in Google when you google "Swoopo"
A  16th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes
This site is a complete joke! It is just a big SCAM. I stared at the counter until it went down to 1 second hit bid, and NOPE I didn't win... I clocked it with a real counter and after the 15 second timer goes their timer does a slight pause when someone new bids and you can't see it unless you are watching closely, but sure enough I counted the pauses and the amount of bidders and it matched, so anyone else who is watching would know better then to bid when you see the pauses.
I jotted down a variety of "ending Auctions" and they were all the same!!!
luckily I didn't waste tons of money at this joke!
These geniuses are ripping the hell off of people at an unprecedated rate and probably with no merchandise to back up this scam.
I want to hear ONE REAL person who has won something from this site!!!
I would love to get them shut down for fraud
N  16th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes
to complain about the SWOOPO scam.
This is a website that will help people file against the fraud that happens in SWOOPO.


I already filed my complaint for the fraud, don't be afraid, these scams happen everyday and it is up to us the public to get sites like this shut down. Don't be afraid to report them, they STOLE your money on a scam that can never up hold what they claim.

D  16th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes
I've been a telebid (Swoopo) addict since Christmas 07.
I know how hard it can be to win stuff but believe me when I say that you really can get bargains if you're lucky.
Essentially it is a gambling site. If you're a risk taker then you will eventually win something.
I have spent roughly £3, 500 and won exactly 49 times over the past 9 months.
Telebid, sorry Swoopo Started out in Germany, then it spread to the UK. That's when I Joined. Things were def. easier to win back then. They then spread to Spain and now the US, so obviously things are gettng harder to win.
Their Rules on auction limitations have also changed. The only limitation they had was that you were only able to win 8 auctions per month. Everything has changed now. You can only win 1 voucher, 1 cash prize, 1 tv, 1 laptop per month. I believe that changed to give everyone a chance of winning something, as people used to build up reputations for certain items.
I.e I won 5 Laptops within 1 week. I'm sure I got some of them really cheap because people were able to look back and see how much I'd paid (Bids) and the amount of laptops I'd won in the past.
N  16th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes
I have been watching this site with interest for the last 2 days and have seen where some real bargains can be had - but the number of people bidding on the same items, and just throwing away their bid money while bidbutlers jump in time after time has made me very wary, and quite surprised that anyone would bid on the popular items. I would never bid on anything unless there was a very good chance that hardly anyone else was watching the same item (so 6am would be about right!)

This might be a scam, but it is a very, very clever one and I think with a bit of patience, like Lyn's comment above proves you can win something, but a strategy is definitely needed, and I think they've targeted a very stupid, and very gullible audience with a lot of success.
A  17th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes
They switch the end dates as they will, they end the auctions as they will, it's wide open for abuse, stay clear!!! You could lose the house here and still never win anything. It's my belief having joined a few days ago that this is a no win situation, money totally wasted!
N  17th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes
I signed up today and have been looking around. It def. seems open for abuse as stated above. This can be manipulated so easily by them. It still nonetheless a very convincing business model. The site seem to have gone down at around 7pm. No idea why. Luckily I never trusted it buy anything but did watch it alot today contimplating the idea of it.
A  18th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes
This website is a scam
my idiotic freind wasted about £100 on that website

dont trust it

it cought my attention when i saw it, it might look real but its 100% bull crap!
D  19th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes
kill swoopo

get them shut dow 4 their greed and dishonesty, they are making billions off us
each year. its sites like swoopo that are making people homeless and possibly suicidal.

anyways im not a judger but i hope swoopo get whats coming to them

money grabbing b*******
A  19th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes
They simply steal from consumers. The amount of people who have to lose so that you can win is ridiculous. Take for instance winning a Nintendo Wii for $158.70.

That comes out to 1058 bids at a dollar a piece, no discount for buying the bids in bulk. That means that if you got lucky and only spent one bid to win then you are only out a dollar. Somewhere else in the world there is $1057 coming out of other peoples' pockets and they will have nothing to show for it.

Even the "high bidder" still has to pay for the item. If I won the Wii, then I woul have to pay swoopo.com $158.70 plus shipping for them to send it to me.

How can this be legal? I am not allowed to bet on sports in the U.S. but I can wager $1057 to try to win a Wii and still have to pay for it. This site is too much like gambling and will surely keep poor people poor with the hopes that they can get some nice stuff for cheap. I widh I were finished with law school already so that I could take places like this down.
N  19th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes
This is a scam site, I was watching an item which was selling for way too less. It said last few seconds when it reached the 10 secs mark, but then after the last 4 secs it reset itself and then after a few attempts the auction never ended and went back to the half hour left to close.

Bogus site, stay away!
D  20th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes
actually i won an auction with 9$ worth of bids. its all about manipulating the bidding, theres a little bit of mental game in it as well. shouldn't be so negative about the website just because you don't know how to play it. it does feel a bit bogus, but you have to understand that $1 per bid allows for the site to sell the items for a lot less, considering that the $1000 auction giveaway registers almost $10, 000 worth in bids, making this auction 10 fold effective. You have to look at it like everyone pitching in a little bit here and there allowing you or someone else to purchase said item for a cheap price, almost like a drawing. The other thing on the site to look for is the items less interesting, if you go for the laptops, or the $1, 000 cash prize, these will have a lot of interest, and take hours upon hours of additional bids to finish the auctions. Go for the less desired prizes and you might be able to get something. Also... if you look at some of the auctions, some people are bidding $400 worth plus the price on a single auction, which doesn't make sense to me, but they end up losing money, i'd say... let them. It's all about waiting.
N  20th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes
I've also been watching this site for two days now and have had some thoughts on it. At first i thought it was a complete scam just from looking at the incredible bargains, but if you look closely its actually very, very clever. Each bid costs 50 pence and hundreds( if not thousands) of people bid on particular items. For example, and item costing £500 starts at £0.07 but every time some one bids the item goes up by 7 pence, and the timer goes up by 10 seconds. because so many people bid, they get 50 pence everytime some one bids which cancels out the cost of the item they are selling. 1000 people bids is £500, so they get all their money back through that. I'ts very clever how its done because they dont need to sell the product at an expencive price to gain a profit. I will buy 50 bids tomorow to see if i will get anything, but we'll have to see if i will get anything. I dont think its a scam but you just need an amount of common sence to realise how to win.
N  20th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes
I agreed with Nick, Let say a Wii cost $249 you win it for $150, saving of $100. The site make $1000 from bids, I think they could afford to send you the Wii, so it might not be a scam. The thing that look suspicious is "why would people bids with more than a minute left, knowing that someone will bid inside 1 minute." That like throwing money away, so maybe some of the idiot that are losing money NEED TO STOP BIDDING SO EARLY, wait till it 15 second left.
A  20th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes
I decided to gamble a bit and try it . . . basically, to me, it seems like an online slot machine - only, after paying to bid, you then have to then pay for what you win! Beware of the "Bid Butler" - if someone else is using one on the same auction as you, you could potentially lose alot of money in a very short amount of time since your bid butler will keep bidding until it uses up its designated number of bids and it only takes a couple of seconds for your bid butler to run out of bids. Plus, then a whole pile of time has been added on to the auction, so you are sucked in for another round because who can stand the pain of being the sucker loser after spending all that money on bidding? Everyone at least wants something to show for the money they have spent, right?
My personal opinion? It is indeed mesmerizing, addicting . . . fun to watch, fun to bid. But it stinks when you lose a bundle of bids in the last 5 seconds and now there is more time on the clock. I personally don't think the adding time to the auction clock is terribly fair to the bidders, but I'm sure it works for Swoopo. There are the "nail biter" auctions where there are no bid butlers allowed, but time still gets added to the clock with every bid until everyone gives up and goes to bed (world wide) or you reach the "Auction will end by this date" time.
My advice? If you do not have alot of money to spend on bidding with only a small chance that you will win, save your money and drive to the local big box stores and buy the thing on the day after Thanksgiving or Christmas sales . . . . it will be just as cheap, you are pretty much guaranteed to get the item and you won't have to pay shipping and handling or worry about what UPS, Fed Ex, etc. is doing to your very fragile electronics en route to your house. If you do have alot of money to spend on bidding with only a small chance that you will win, by all means, have your fun, but please share the wealth with those in need as well.
Not sure if it's a scam or not . . . but a note to Matt who said it's like a drawing where everyone pitches in to get something cheaper . . . in the U.S., if you enter a drawing, what you win is FREE!!

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