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From: Swiss Luxury <[protected]>
Sent: Sat, September 11, 2010
Subject: Swiss Luxury - Part-Time Job

Swiss-Luxury Enrollment Form

Dear Student,

We would like to present you a part-time job offer as a payment processor for our company, Swiss Luxury. Our company sells Rolex watches in Europe and in some areas in United States. We would like to extend our business in Pennsylvania, but we need people to process our customers orders there.

Steps to process an order:

1. Receive the payment from our customers by Bank Transfers or Checks.

2. Pick up the payment and keep your 10% commission fee.

3. Send the rest of the money to one of our headquarters in Europe.

This job will require about 1-2 hours per day from your time and your incomes will start from 250-300 USD per week to 500USD per week.

If you are interested in our offer please visit our website by clicking on the following link:

Click here to access our website

Thank you,
Rebecca C. Springfield,
Swiss Luxury.


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