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Swiftcover Insurance / Terrible experience

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In January 2006, as I entered a roundabout & continued around in the correct lane, with the indicator flashing, a lorry on my inside proceeded to cut across into my lane & slice the front off my car. I was in such a state of shock! I could not believe it! The lorry continued on its journey, until the driver saw me in his rear view mirror flashing my lights. At this point, he pulled over & proceeded to give me his very brief details & drove away as fast as he could, leaving me stranded far from home. My car, a total right off!

I contacted swift insurance & explained what had happened. They advised me, that as nobody stopped to help, I could not make a claim, as there were no witnesses. I took pictures of the extensive damage to my vehicle, as evidence & pictures of the truck, that had no damage at all. To my surprise, absurdly, the truck driver claimed through his insurer, that I had driven into the back of his truck! & that he 'was carrying out a defensive driving manouvere'. His insurers sent a letter to my home address, warning me that if I make a claim, then they will counter claim & I will be liable for the truck drivers loss of earnings!

How can this be? I am completely side swiped by a truck on a busy roundabout in broad day light & I cannot bring the truck driver to account, as I will be pursued for his loss of earnings? There was no damage to the truck. My car sustained massive damage to the left side, where the truck tore across it & virtually ripped off the front bumper! & I cannot do anything about it?

Are you kidding me swift insurance! Has anyone else been shafted by swift insurance? I was shafted twice. Once by the lorry driver & again by swift insurance, who offered me no help whatsoever! To this day I still cannot believe it.

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  • De
      17th of May, 2009
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    Swift Cover are nothing but charlotens, might as well run round with a swag bag collecting money from people but when it comes to a claim they are not interested.
    1st episode...
    Sept 08, car driven by my girlfriend hit a gatepost and suffered damage to passenger door and rear 1/4 panel, her fault - no issues.
    Told swift cover and they sent assessor to look at car and said it needed new dooe and pannel - fine. they wanted me then to drive 38 miles in the car to take it to their 'approved' garage. I said no, if you want it going to that garage you will have to collect as I am far to busy to be driving that distance... after a week of irrate discussions the car, Audi A3, was sent to Williams BMW! hmmm!

    The car as estimated by BMW would take between 4 and 5 days, ok fine, no courtosy car but we'll have to manage as it was her fault!

    5 Weeks, £110 phone bill and around 15 arguments with BMW and Swift I finally manage to have my car back, BMW said it was swift, swift say it was BMW, the gent in the BMW dealership showed me the emails from swift that put the ball clearly in their court yet no action taken! The car had been damaged down the side and had in turn knocked the wheel, BMW put the wheel on a machine that said the alighment was out but 4 mm, this according to BMW protocol is deemed unsafe and requested auth from Swift for a new wheen and tyre... a week later swift still refusing a new wheel and insisted it be refurbed!!! Tools, absolute tools. Only when thretened with solicitors letter did they authorise!

    2nd episode...

    30 march 2009, car stolen with keys from drive way.

    1st snotty cow we spoke to basically said that because of postcode they look at fraud closely when dealing with certain policies! Cheeky ###! I had police, forensics in the house and she was trying to say because of the area I live in there is a higher likelyhood i was making a fraudulent claim!

    They send an email 16/04/09 saying that police are being unhelpful and obstructive ( they called once 11 days earlier and did not get a response, currently being taken up with swift by Detective Cheif Inspector of regional police for comments made!) and said that they have closed the case and valuer will be in touch shortly.

    Friday 17/04/09 - go out, spend £10500 on a new car on strength of above email and what do you know, get a call off the police no more than 20 mins after buying the car - they have found the stolen 1!!! Bugger!

    Now refusing all liability to the email... shock surprise!

    Car has according to garage, £6392.20 damage, their internal assessor has gone thru the list and dissallowed items bringing the cost down to £4700, they want to repair it.

    Included in his dissalloed expenses was a theft check, allowing a mechanic an hr to go over the engine to ensure that in the 3 weeks it was stolen and covered 600 miles hit various kurbs and damaged wheels and now need new front bumper as they hit something else also... he was not interested in the mechanics giving me no security as to the mechanics! ould be a bag of niles inside now, that's why the cheeky theiving bast**ds abandond it!

    Anyway... the above is the tip of the iceberg...if you ever have to claim via these people be aware there are more departments than there are people and be prepared to be passed almost imediately between them with pretty much no warning!

    Marks out of 10 for service ... minus something... I aint managed to count that far back yet! Avoid like the plague! I would almost go as far as saying choose the next most expensive insurer and I will pay the difference for you! Waste of time, effort and space!


  • Vi
      25th of Jul, 2009
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    Useless customer service. They depend on emails in dealing with my claim and there is no consistency in information they give out. They are not proactive in anyway in dealing with claims!

    I tried to claim for a third party damage to my car 4months ago and they still fail to address they issue. They promised Replacement car and numerous calls to them and emails ends me with just frustration and anger. I depend on my car heavily but they wont provide me with replacement whilst my car is being reapaired.

    They tried to get me to sign another contract with a third party mobility provider...Dodgy!!!
    As off now I still havent heard from them even though they told me yesterday that Enterprise will contact me with a replacement car.

    I know it's a matter of time until they get investigated by the FSA and the Ombudsman.


    CLAIM NUMBER: 146262

  • St
      7th of Oct, 2009
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    Yup i have been shafted by them too... my car was stolen back in march and recovered a month later. i was told by the car pound that i would not be liable for any charges as they car had been stolen and all i had to do was provide my police letter and crime reference number. i passed this information on swift and they said that they would take care of it.

    they ended up offering me a £50 payout so i cancelled the claim and asked for my car back. They then said that in order to get my car back i would have to reimburse them £400 which is what they paid to get the car our of the pound. A massive amount of money that should never have been paid and that they never even adivsed me of before paying!!!

    they are an absolute joke! to this day it is still not resolved and has been going on for over 6 months now. they have threatened my no claims discount even though i had protected no claims on my policy and will not let it go.

    I'm not sure if what they are doing is legal and have been in touch with a financial ombusman regarding this matter. i have never in my life known of someone paying for insurance and then having to PAY the insurance company when they make a claim!

    if you are looking for insurance save yourself a lot of time, money and stress and DO NOT GOT TO SWIFTCOVER!!!

  • Re
      29th of Oct, 2009
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    Took out insurance cover 20th August 09 & faxed documentation for validation same time 31st August -they said they didn't get it-so faxed again. Still trying to get confirmation of received documentation 3 weeks or so later by which time had faxed numerous times and scanned and emailed the same in 3 formats and spent an age on their 0845 telephone lines-absolute nightmare! Meanwhile, I had an accident involving a lorry & a Bmw-wrote off my car-my fault sadly-luckily I was not too badly hurt.Reported the incident. 4 weeks later still no word from them. They then started to email a question per day about my car's history although I am sure that they can access more information on their data banks than I would know. I got answers by asking the relevant people and emailed back-thought they were stalling for more time. At 6 weeks in, I sent an email a day for updates-no replies until a friday night exactly 7 weeks on-when they emailed me to say my car was excluded in their terms and conditions as it was an insurance theft retrieval and had been previously VIC tested. ( At no time was that question asked of me and how otherwise would I know.)
    Therefore they are cancelling the entire term of my insurance cover. At this point in time, I am still in Limbo as to what the ramifications of that could be. I am gathering advice and have put in my complaint to the Financial Services Ombudsman, but I shall certainly explore every avenue to get a just conclusion.

    I would very much like to have this case aired on TV by "Watchdog", but think this would be more likely to be picked if other Swiftcover complainants also wrote in with their grievances. There must be 100's. How about it you guys.

  • Be
      20th of Jan, 2010
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    hi i am in exactly the same boat i insured my car for 2 years with swift and had an accident christmas day 2009 two weeks later i get a call telling me my car was a former cat c write off and my insurance is null and voin why did they take my money for 2 years and when i claim they then tell me it says on dvla web site that they must notify us if your car has been paid out on before but they just want your money crooks

  • Ma
      5th of Oct, 2010
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    I have (had) a policy with Swift Cover. I used them for around 14 Months. 12 under contract and remainder on a rolling contract. On the last week of my contract with them I had a scrap which was admittedly my fault. In the 14month. As I had completed my inital 12 month period. I decided to cancel as I was selling my vehicle. Upon phoning Swift to tell them they agreed and sent me confirmation that they had canceeled my policy. However I have now recieved a letter demanding a whole years premium to be paid because I had a claim before my renewal (before my intial 12 months had expired). About £1500 I've been chareged. Is this normal? Help.

  • Ma
      30th of Jan, 2011
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    Horrendous reading of all of the above - shafted twice - once when someone stole my and they didn't pay out what it is worth (or in a timely manner) - and now secondly when I get my new premium (been with them 3 years and it's never gone up) even though 7 years no claims and no claims bonus protection - insurance has more than doubled - queried it twice ... standard reply sent - when I replied giving my grievances - no reply to me... slow at processing claims and NO CUSTOMER SERVICE AT ALL - very good at automatically taking payment though - no problem with that...

  • Be
      24th of Oct, 2011
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    Hah! I knew it. I am going through a dispute with Swift cover as we speak. The accident caused damage to the body work but there were no mechanical issues at all. We were driving around for 2 days after the accident. The car went in and stayed there for 4 weeks because the garage kept finding "issues "with the car. Then we get a call to say that the body work is fixed but the car wont start. If we want the car back in working order, we must pay £300.When we got the car back, the engine cover was on the back seat and the radio was locked. We are out of pocket over £1000 as the moment. Swift cover is refusing to acknowledge that the garage that they sent my car to, are incompetent and clearly out to make a buck. I wont rest until I get back the money I lost. I am going all the way!!

  • Dm
      4th of Jul, 2012
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    Swiftcover would not have said they will not deal with you claim just because you had no details, they would deal as a fault claim if there is nowhere to claim costs from. All insurance companies stick to the terms and conditions of the policy, it is you lot breaching these terms that gets claims and policies cancelled,

  • Bb
      22nd of Dec, 2014
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    Hi dm3266. I accept that insurance companies may stick to the terms and conditions of the policy …in the end, but not all the time. I had a no fault accident and the other drivers insurance company's "sort it out company" confirmed that in writing and were offering to put everything right and provide a suitable replacement vehicle. But the garages they offered me were 40miles away and did not use genuine manufacturers parts and they offered me no guarantees of workmanship. So I called swift cover (my insurer) and explained it to them. They told me "we will take care of everything". The had enterprise supply me with a car and they gave me 2 garage options (each 25 miles away and neither recognised land rover fixers. The job got done (properly after two return trips to align a door correctly and stop some trim flapping about). But now Tesco Insurance are refusing to repay Enterprise so enterprise solicitors tell me I have to take Tesco Insurance to County Court to get Enterprise (and their lawyers) their money. A senior gut at Swiftcover keeps lying saying they referred me to Enterprise. They didn't. They said they would take care of everything and they had enterprise contact me. Now nothing in the policy refers to this situation and Swiftcover talk about "the way it is in the industry" So, if you are not prepared to become an expert in the inner workings of the insurance industry, Swiftcover will happily mislead you and hide behind policy details that they never send you in the first place. Next step, get a copy of recordings of phone calls under a Subject Matter Request (£10 to swift cover) and plaster their lies over the internet while they just tell me to go complain to the Omubdsman. Fat lot of good that will do. He doesn't have lunch in my boardroom!

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