Swift Transportationdriver

D Sep 15, 2017

I am a 35 year truck driving veteran. I currently drive for Crete Carriers. I was at my fuel stop in Prescott, Arkansas last night. It was very crowded so I picked a lane and stayed in it. BIG MISTAKE. I got behind a Swift because he was at the fuel island and there was not a truck in front of him so I figured it wouldn't be long. After 15 minutes sitting behind him, he finally came out of truck stop with food. Then, he decided to clean his windshield (which he should of done while fueling) then, he got in his truck. About ten minutes later, he finally pulled forward. I went ahead and fueled and cleaned windows then got back in my truck. Waited another fifteen minutes in the fuel island waiting for him to leave. Finally, he started pulling out. All the way to the interstate, he drove about ten mph. When we got on the interstate, I passed him to get his truck number. Lease operator truck # 151392. Swift does not care about who they hire. You need Truck Drivers!! Not rookies fresh out of school leasing trucks who doesn't know [censor] about trucking.

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