Swift Driver / Lack of miles

1 TX, United States

Although I am fairly new all Swift does is sit me everywhere. I barely average 2000 miles a week and that is if I fight for miles. A daily happening! They (the DM's) tell me that I am running more they any other driver at Swift! What a crock! At .25 a mile I am getting screwed! I have been on the phone with everyone I can, begging for miles, yet they wont run me. since I am going to be out here on the road for Easter weekend I asked them to get me a run of at least 1300 miles for a Monday morning delivery and that was Friday. The gave a run that doesn't pick up until Sunday night. In other words, I am sitting again this weekend, again!! Ugh! Swift claims to be a 95% drop and hook but there has only been a few times in the last three months that I have dropped and hooked to anything. Most the time I keep the same trailer for weeks at a time. All my loads are heavy. All of them! 40, 000 lbs +. The average run is about 275 miles. That is accompanied by long waits at docks or picking up troubled loads. In other words, they give me the loads that no one else wants. The garbage! I hate this company!! I have truly made a mistake when I decided to get my CDL again and get trapped by the driving school contract. I am in hell!! Stay away if you have any brains!!!

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