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I too have just recieved a sweetie charm braclet from Hong Kong. problem is ..If we read the small writing under the buisness name, , we clearly see it says..Replica' so its our own fault really, and concidering that the original would cost double, what else can we expect, Dam good copy thou.
Wont return and have taken advise from the other buyer,

I think you buy at your own risk myself.


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      Sep 15, 2009

    I put £100 order in on 7th September and still haven't received my order. That isn't bothering me so much at the moment but reading your comments have. I don't like the idea of recieving fake and black jewellery but would like to receive it never the less. These items I purchased were ment to be for Birthday/Christmas presents.
    For the last 2 years I have been doing all my shopping online and haven't ever had a problem before now. The website looks so professional which fooled me but I would definately have a proper good look at any website I'm not familiar with in future.
    Has anyone made an order with this site and never receieved the goods?

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