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Sweetest Cavaliers / UNTRUE Postings & LIES

1 4 kingsway drWentzville, MO, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 636-639-1998

I wanted to add this report, because this young lady is saying very untrue things. And I want people to know what really happened. (please if you are concidering buying from me, I have LOTS of references!)

I have all so encluded, "what a customer wrote after reading JESSICA'S report!"

(Dog Breeder) Sweetest Cavaliers Speaks out!! THE TRUTH
Sweetest Cavaliers (owner) Jaymie & Clifford Branham would like to rebuttal a [redacted] done on us. We sold a puppy to a young lady who posted this report. This girl bought the puppy and left our home with all paperwork in hand. We always go over the folder we provide consisting of all paperwork with our customes before they leave, this helps them to understand the steps of completeing their steps of the final paper to be done.
She went to a couple of pet stores on her way home and some were lost her paperwork a long the way.She called us a couple day's later saying she couldn't find her papers that were in her folder and wondered if she had left it behind. I told her I knew it was in there but I would take a look anyway and call her if I found it. Well I can't find something I don't have so when I called her back I told her it wasn't here, so she must have lost it somewhere else. I also told her I would be more then happy to help her get them replaced.
I began to work on this right away for her, but this doesn't happen over night. The very next day her mom called being very rude making comments about putting bad things on my web site if I didn't get Jessica her papers.

As business owners we did not want any bad transactions of course and had already started the process of getting it replaced anyway. I then explained the time frame of having papers replaced and would forward it to her as soon as I got them.
Jessica became very inpatient and got ruder and more demanding with everyday that passed. I really was trying to get them to her ASAP. Her paper do NOTHING for me. I pay a small fee for them and have NO use for them once the puppy is sold. So we didn't and wouldn't keep them from her.

We have had 27 happy customer's and then Jessica. I have sent puppies all over the USA and even Canada and all have gotten there safe and with 'ALL' documents in tact.

The only reason I can come up with as to why she would post false and mean statements on the Internet is that she wasn't given breeding rights. One she couldn't afford them. (She had to make payments on the puppy she was buying and stated she would never breed anyway) and two she lives right down the street from me and I didn't want any cross breeding to acure.

We never knew Jessica before her buying the puppy, and almost did not sell her the puppy because of her age and lack of kids.We don't have anything negative to say about Jessica, but that she should of started with a plant first, because the puppy did not get to live long with her before getting ran over by a car in the parking lot of her apartment complex.The rest of the puppies we have sold are alive and in great health to this day.
Jessica did not get ripped off in no way shape or form, by us and she has been or only negative customer.We do what ever we can to make every customer happy that we can. We have made house calls and have spent many hours on the phone to help families with their puppies.We have 27 happy customers to prove it.
Jessica also made a stink about putting her picture on our web site, but she had already agreed to it and thought that would be a great idea! She even posed for the picture with a smile and gave the ok.We have since offered people free nail trimming for one year for their puppies to sign a paper giving the ok to post picture's. We will not sale a puppy to someone so young again and have made changes because of this problem, to protect both parties from this again.

Sweetest cavaliers is a very honest cavalier king charles spanial breeder and always will be . Anybody wanting to buy a king Charles cavalier puppy should start with us, because we have a great track record and lots of good references to prove it.
Submitted: 9/23/2008 2:12:40 PM
Modified: 9/23/2008 6:16:09 PM Tracy
St Charles, Missouri

Sweetest Cavaliers Sweetest Cavaliers is WONDERFUL!
I read the other rip-off on Sweetest cavaliers and was shocked and in disbelief. Although I cannot say for sure whether that person experienced what she claims to have experienced, I can say I seriously doubt it went as she says. Jaymie was nothing but professional and kind. She was very up front with her contract information, and as with many breeders, was also up front with the type of registration she has registered her dogs with. She gives you this complete very organized folder when you pick up your puppy with it's vet records and the registration paperwork and even some 'baby' pictures. She also has you sign a contract when you put down your deposit which clearly states all that you need to know. When we left she asked if we could have a photo taken for her records and also confirmed whether it would be ok to put it on her web site. We agreed happily! She has even kept in touch via email to check on our pups progress!

As I researched pure bred dogs, it is not uncommon that you are not given breeding rights to purchased pups without specific agreements to that upon purchase. Jaymie asked me what my intentions were up front and I was honest with her that I was planning to bring home a new member of the family not for breeding purposes. The reason they ask and are so careful is the purity of the breed, not selfishness!

Sweetest Cavaliers are just that - the sweetest dogs you'd ever find. Jaymie was very careful to give me all my paperwork and explain it all to me and was very helpful when I called back with any questions. My puppy came home healthy, happy and spoiled with lots of love and attention. He was already kid friendly and even had some early training. Her home is very clean and she and her family were wonderful! I believe that the person who put the other rip-off did do as she was accused, lost her paperwork. She should be ashamed for smearing someone name the way she has done here and I hope that people will not believe everything they read - Always call and talk to the breeder you are considering and do your research on the breed and the breeder by calling referrals. Any good breeder will have plenty of happy familys that are willing to sing their praises - I am one of those for Jaymie and her family!

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