Sweet Home Furniture / Scam

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I bought a room full of furniture there, a couple of couches, tables, light etc. So I spent a good amount of money there.I was worried about the quality, but was assured everything would be great. Once I received the furniture, we found later on on of the couch cushions, a big "thread" cane up leaving almost a hole there. We really never even used that portion of the couch. After a couple of phone calls, with no call backs, I was told to email photos of the area. I did, and after a long wait, I received this email...

"We have been working on your sofa issue with our quality control department and manufacturing company.

It has been determined that the loose threads are a natural occurrence due to human use. The manufacturers warranty is for structure which includes frame and springs, and does not include fabric.

We would like you to continue to furnish your home with Sweet Home Furniture and we will strive to make your experience a pleasure. We often have special sales and discounts exclusive to our customers and we invite you to visit us again.

Thank you"

That was just great. Won't do business there again. "Due to human use" I have never heard that one before.


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