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I have been scamed and abused by various organizations stating that I've won millions of dollars and that the checks were written on Bank of America. They stated that Robert O, Neal, was the Financial Manager for BofA. Reference #: [protected], Batch: [protected]-BC472. Account Managers phone #: [protected]. David Sawyer, Award Coordinator. Prize Payroll Rep, Richard Bradwell, Award Coordinator, David Sawyer. This is just to name a few. Via Publishers Clearing House, my name went into a data base whereby I was contacted by various organizations telling me that this is not bogus. You have won X amount of dollars but I needed to pay processing fee in order for them to generate the checks that would be delivered by uniform carriers . It was so well done that I believed them. I wrote some checks to them but it appears that the checks were sent on more than one occasion. Upon going through my account, I did find some bogus checks but the account is filled with so my duplicates, I can't find out exactly what they have done. I called the bank and put a hold on my account after looking these people up on the internet. They don't exist. All of my money for the month of January has been consumed by the bank due to fees and numerous checks coming in. Can you please eliminate the fees so that I can pay my rent. I would never have written checks over the amount of money that I have in the bank. I don't do that. In have been with BofA for many years and I have never had this problem. If you can't eliminate all of the fees, can you please eliminate some of them so that I can pay my bills. Can you please set up a payment arrangement rather than take my entire check. I have no money at all. I am so sorry for the inconvenience. I have notified Publishers Clearing House of the situation and I believe that they have reported it. I'm so sorry. Please help me. What can I do?

Jan 05, 2015

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