Sutherlin Nissan / Service recall, poor communication, lie too

Sebastian, FL, United States

First of all this is my second Rogue.I bought my first Rouge when they first came out with them and is very happy with them.Since the new people took this dealership over we are not happy with them.We have 3 nissans cars.Lost 2 contacts of oil changes for a year when they took over.
June 27, 2016 I took my Rouge down for 2 recalls and oil change I was told that my car had to stay for 2 days for a representative had to come and look at my car.That was a lie That I found out about.Brian lie to me about what was going on.If I did not call Tues 28 about my car nothing would of been done as Brian was off.I got very upset and Talked to Eric Guzelf Service Director about my car.They had to e mail someone at Nissan about my part for the recall I was told.So I was out of a car for a week as Eric said I could not take my car.They said I could get a rental that they would only pay for the daily charge.What ever happen to loaner Car.So we went around and around with him.Told him by Fri July 1 I was taking my car home and he could call me when the part came in.He said That I would have to sign a waiver about my recall before I could take it.I said no problem.Went to pick it up and he said the part was in.It is something to due with my back hatch door.Well they went to fix it and it was only one side.So I told him to wait till the right parts are in and I would come back to get it fix.When I got to the dealership one of my hubcaps was gone.I was not very nice about it.I almost call the police as my car must of been mess with it sitting there.He did get me a hubcap.Took the car home without signing any waiver.My seat and mirrors where play with.They never where play with before.It sounds to me this deanship can not handle recalls or get there act together.After I get this fix, I will be looking for a different dealership even if I have to Drive to Orlando.My daughter in law has a Nissan and she also has had trouble with this dealership.I will be thinking twice about buying a Nissan if this is the way your customers are treated. I would like a answer back.Nancy Jones [protected] [protected]

Jul 02, 2016

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