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DO NOT BUY ANYTHING AT THIS STORE THAT YOU DO NOT INTEND TO KEEP UNLESS YOU WANT YOUR PRIVACY INVADED!!! I purchased an item and realized at the checkout counter that it was not the correct product. I immediately informed the cashier, got the correct product, and returned to that same cashier to make the exchange. She informed me she needed to see my DRIVERS LICENSE, which has personal information including DOB on it. I refused because I thought it was out of the question. I had paid cash for the product and had not left the store. She refused to make the refund so I had her call a manager, who also refused to issue the refund because I "was not cooperating." When I asked for their identification, they refused because it "was not necessary." Having been a victim of stolen identity, I was advised to get names and other identifying information from anyone who gets mine involving a financial transaction. I gave them my DL to complete the process and to relieve myself from all the gawkers that accumulated. I WILL NOT USE THIS STORE AGAIN! I got a comparable product at another store for less money.

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  • Ju
      3rd of May, 2010

    As a former Sutherlands employee, I promise you that what you experienced is standard procedure. In order for a chasier to file a product return slip, they require a certain amount of personal information including a contact phone number and personal identification number such as your drivers lisence number or social security number. This is because the sale, even a cash sale, is already recorded in their computer system, so they need to be able to get ahold of you later incase there is an inventory discrepancy to ensure that you really were there, and really did recieve an item you were charged or refunded for. It is for your protection, as well as the stores.

    All Sutherlands employees are briefed quarterly on handling of customers personal information, and trust me, the pay and benefits are good enough that absolutely noone working there wants to jeopardize their status by betraying a customers trust. Yes, the pay is really that good, especially in todays horrible economic environment.

    Now, let's take a look at what you, as a customer, did wrong. First, returns and exchanges should not be handled at a register. The cashier should have informed you of this before attempting to rectify your situation, even if it was just a few seconds later and the same cashier that rang you out. Second, you should realize that the cashiers are people of unparalleled character. If the manager didn't have absolute trust in their integrity, they would never be given the responsibility of handling such large amounts of money or credit.

    The way I see it, there were some mistakes made the day you went in. You grabbed the wrong item, you asked the wrong person to help you with an exchange, they agreed to help you, you misunderstood the stores policy on returns and exchanges, and lastly, you threw a tantrum like a paranoid child. Only one of those is the fault of a staff member at Sutherlands.

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  • Ke
      25th of Oct, 2012

    Sutherland's in Fort Smith, AR. Does not stand behind their products 100%, like their commercial says. More like 0%. They will not make another dime off of me, or anybody else that I know.

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