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Sushi BBQ Inn / Kicked out for ordering &all we could eat&

1 1226 16 Avenue NWCalgary, Alberta, Canada Review updated:

My boyfriend and I have been regulars of Sushi BBQ Inn. It was our first date, and became "our place" where we went if we had had a long stressful week.

Feb 29, 2008 was our last visit.

After placing our order for all you can eat sushi, we were informed by the waiter that the chef did not want to prepare food for us. The waiter said we left too much rice in the past - we have never left anything uneaten in the past as they charge you for that. My boyfriend asked to speak with the manager. The waiter said the manager was busy.

Confused, we went to talk to the chef - we have always been polite, not wasted, and tipped at least 20% in the past.

The chef ended up throwing food at my boyfriend, chasing him out, pushing him, swinging at him, and spitting in his face. What kind of all you can eat is this?? And if a chef spits at a person - what is he doing to your food???

We are more upset about the fact that we used to recommend this place to everyone - and that it was the place we got to know each other better when we started dating (We fell in love with each other and this little sushi place!)

It did seem though, that the more often we went, the staff recognized us, and service got slower, portions smaller (with more rice than fish), and the waiters/waitresses returned to the table seldom to see if we wanted more.

If a restaurant is "all you can eat" they should follow up on what they advertise - and they should treat regular customers with respect - not humiliate them and make false accusations and kick them out.

This is not a way to do business and we are absolutely furious/confused/hurt.

I do have part of the altercation on my cell phone video, and am still shocked about the whole event.

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  • Ve
      2nd of Apr, 2008
    -1 Votes

    Yes, its all you can eat, but you went in there on several occasions, and ordered sushi, and just ate the fish and shrimp and left the rice portion on the plate. Then you want more. Of course by just eating the toppings you can eat a great deal. For the restaurant to make money they need you to fill up on rice. They don't want your business anymore and you don't want to go there anymore. Sounds like problem solved to me. You tried to ripp them off, you were busted, now you want to badmouth them.

  • Jo
      17th of Apr, 2008
    +1 Votes

    We always eat everything we order INCLUDING THE RICE, the chef is in need of anger management classes. The police have been called on this guy several times, Assault is common place with the chef. Watch your back and cover your face, the man is a menace and should be behind bars. The staff were appauled by THE CHEFS actions. If you choose to eat at this place, take a self defence course first.

  • Fr
      17th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    Actually - we never left rice behind. If we had, we would have been asked to pay extra for it. If we had left rice - why wouldn't they charge us more, instead of kicking us out? Doesn't that seem like a lot less trouble than chasing after someone, swinging and spitting at them?? We would have glady paid extra, if we had actually left rice behind.. Just because we're not 200 pounds, doesn't mean we don't have big appetites!

    Maybe they assumed we didn't eat the rice, but in fact we did. I have a big appetite for Sushi (I'm from the East Coast).

    If you are losing money, raise your price. Don't attack returning customers, who, up until this incident, told everyone about the place. Now, I will never recommend this place to anyone. Negative word of mouth spreads much faster than Positive word of mouth - and guessing from the other negative reviews the restaurant has received on other websites, we're not the only ones spreading the news about our experience.

    Karma is a ###, isnt it?

  • Je
      30th of Dec, 2008
    0 Votes
    Sushi BBQ Inn - Poor service, manipulative server
    Sushi BBQ Inn

    I had been a customer at Sushi BBQ Inn for 2.5 years, since I moved to Calgary for my medical training. It is convenient for take-out and close to Foothills hospital where I work. I often take out Spicy Tuna rolls from this restaurant, at least a few times a month.

    Most recently, when I went to pick up my order, I was charged almost $2 more for “House Special Rolls”. I told the server that I had ordered Spicy Tuna rolls, and she proceeded to tell me that Spicy Tuna has always been the same price as the House Special Rolls, and there was no recent price change. I knew this was not true, since I have ordered the same Spicy Tuna numerous times before. I felt she was trying to cheat me of my money.

    The server proceeded to accuse me that, one time in the past, when I had ordered ‘House Special Rolls’, I falsely told the server I had ordered Spicy Tuna, thus ‘cheating’ the restaurant. I felt her argument made no sense, because if the two rolls were TRULY the same price, as she had stated, then how could the restaurant have been cheated? Nevertheless, I always only order Spicy Tuna.

    I proceeded to tell her that I always order Spicy Tuna Rolls, and that any past problems with House Special rolls must have been a misunderstanding, or not related to me. She did not listen, treated me poorly, was manipulative, and finally kicked me out and told me not to return. I was very shocked by this behavior, especially since I have been a faithful, longtime customer.

    I will not be visiting this restaurant again.

  • Az
      20th of Feb, 2011
    -1 Votes

    Put aside the negative comments, but go see it for yourself on the weekdays and weekends. It is packed and busy as always, the negative comments has no effect on the establishment because it is a great place. Yes there was an incident where the chef got really upset, but that was due to the inappropriate behaviors addressed to the chef and the staff. I'm not sure if this is the same couple that was chased out when I had dinner there, but both side were yelling at each other. The staffs tries to extinguished the arguments, however the male-guest kept on returning and insulting the establishment in front of the chef. My group and I was sitting right next to the windows / entrance.

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